How to prepare for pregnancy?

Her pregnancy is not every woman planning, and even more so, not everyone is exactly sure that having planned, she will surely become pregnant. And so pregnancy, often becomes a surprise for many. Moreover, at times the woman does not suspect that she is already pregnant, up to 7-8 weeks. And the most dangerous period for the fetus is just the first weeks of pregnancy - this period becomes decisive for the future child, for the formation of his body. That is why it is very important to know about your pregnancy in time - to visit a gynecologist before the anticipated day of conception and prepare for pregnancy. How to prepare for pregnancy - read below.

Preparation for pregnancy begins with the amendment of health and adjusting the way of life of the future mother, if this is needed. In addition, you need to know what hurted relatives, because some diseases are hereditary.

The future mother should reconsider her habits : if she smokes, she will have to give up smoking. Smoking, including passive, often leads to the fact that the child is born with a critically low weight, hence - the risk of the sudden death syndrome increases, as well as the risk of miscarriage. Smoking pregnant is also dangerous and the fact that in the future may suffer the child's mental abilities. About the use of alcohol and drugs in general can not be a speech - this is a direct way to the birth of a sick child endowed with birth defects.

An important point is taking medications. Dear pregnant women and women planning a pregnancy! Independently and uncontrolled to take any medicinal, as well as some natural medicines is strictly forbidden - both during pregnancy, and for some time before its onset. In each individual case it is necessary to check the safety of this or that remedy. Even vitamins, if they are not in the form of a natural product, can cause pathology in the child or the fetus.

During pregnancy, some diseases that up to this point do not disturb a woman can become more active. For example, a woman has diabetes, and she needs to maintain blood glucose levels. If she does this until the moment of conception, the child will have a chance to be born without pathology. But you need to remember: treatment during pregnancy should take place solely under the supervision of a doctor.

Weight of a woman before pregnancy also plays a role : excess weight can lead to the onset of hypertension or diabetes during pregnancy, and a lack of weight leads to the birth of weak or premature babies. Therefore, a woman needs to adjust her weight. However, a measure is important here - a rigid diet can deplete the body, but during pregnancy it is generally not recommended to starve.

A woman planning a pregnancy should check whether all vaccinations are done and whether they still work. To do this, you can take a blood test or specify in a medical card. If the woman did not suffer from chickenpox, then she should be vaccinated long before the planned pregnancy. Chickenpox is very dangerous for the fetus. After vaccination, you can not become pregnant for at least three months.

All infectious diseases, especially STDs, should be fully treated at the stage of preparation for pregnancy.

And the last thing: you should pay attention to three things: calcium, iron, vitamin B9 (folic acid). These components are very important for the normal course of pregnancy. A woman needs to eat plenty of vegetables, greens, fruits and dairy products.