Dexamethasone during pregnancy: instruction, application

During pregnancy, often prescribed dexamethasone.

It is a hormone, a corticosteroid, which is a synthetic analogue of the hormones of the adrenal cortex.

Such an appointment often worries women, because along with a mass of extremely useful properties, the drug also has a long list of contraindications and side effects that may arise during gestation.

Indications for use of dexamethasone in pregnancy

Often the increased content in the female body of male sex hormones leads to the inability to become pregnant and endure pregnancy, and this is not uncommon. There are many reasons - both the polluted environment, and the use of a number of medicines, and stresses, and any hormonal failures in the woman's body. And if the level of male hormones is exceeded, the only method of treatment is taking dexamethasone, this is necessary for both the appearance and the retention of pregnancy. Moreover, it should be followed by courses, and possibly the entire pregnancy.

Doses and schemes of courses are exclusively an individual indicator, which should be determined only by a doctor. Simply a woman must necessarily take into account the fact that if she came to a decision to abolish hormones for whatever reasons, one can not do this at the same time, since the body, accustomed to recharging from the outside, will not be able to work at full speed immediately. In addition, if a doctor prescribes dexamethasone, then he sees a threat of termination of pregnancy, but a woman can doubt it, considering the appointment unreasonable. Therefore, you need to be treated by a doctor who completely trusts.

Another, though not frequent, reason for prescribing dexamethasone to a pregnant woman is a number of immune problems, when pregnancy can not occur due to the rejection of an embryo under the guise of an "alien body" by its own immune cells. Here, the immunity must be reduced, and this is also done with the use of corticosteroids.

Harmless drugs have not yet been developed, and Dexamethasone may be the only opportunity for a woman to become a mother. Here she must assess all the risks.


Here, one should also take into account contraindications and, for example, a possible "withdrawal syndrome", when a negative reaction of the organism occurs on the cessation of treatment with this drug.

But doctors, when deciding on the use of Dexamethasone, always compare the expected therapeutic effect with the probability of negative consequences.

Undoubtedly, Dexamethasone should be used with extreme caution and not only in pregnancy, but also in its planning, not to mention the first trimester of gestation.

Reviews about Dexamethasone in pregnancy

Analysis of the reviews of the reception of Dexamethasone during pregnancy, it should be noted that the drug to many women presented the joy of motherhood, they successfully became pregnant and the fruit survived. But there are very few women who, while taking the drug, absolutely did not feel any inconvenience.

In the list of possible consequences of the use of the remedy there is an excessive set of fat mass (face, neck, upper arms and back), depression, signs of a change in the hormonal background in the form of excessive hair, folliculitis and striae.

The possible effect of the drug on the fetus may manifest itself in the violation of the growth and atrophy of the adrenal cortex.

So there are many problems here, the doctor can help in which only the advice, and it is up to the woman to decide.