How to quickly give birth and effective folk methods

When all the planned terms of delivery pass, and the woman is still "in position", it should be examined for prolonged pregnancy. If such a doctor is not found, then we can recall several harmless ways to approximate the onset of labor, without resorting to medical intervention in the hospital.

One of these methods is a sexual act, which is familiar to all pregnant women, not by hearsay. The essence of this method is that the seminal fluid of men includes prostaglandins, which can stimulate the onset of the birth process.

Physical activities and massage

Faster birth and help a reasonable physical load, such as walking, especially on the stairs, cleaning the house, especially washing the floors, travel to shops and markets.

Many women can be helped by active breast massage, mainly in the nipple area. Nipple massage initiates the release of the hormone oxytocin, and this is a powerful stimulant for uterine contractions.

Intensive cleansing enemas also initiate contractions of the uterus and so can faster give birth to .

Stimulation of labor by feeding

Many folk remedies on this topic take as a basis the use of food dishes, with the inclusion of beets and parsley. Helps and the use of small doses of castor oil.

Depending on the individual characteristics of the woman, the fulfillment of one or more of the listed actions is very likely to actively contribute to the onset of labor activity very soon.

You should try and aromatherapy. Effectively, breathe pink rose oil, jasmine, buy aroma lamp, (breathe four times a day).

Traditional methods of stimulation of fights

Folk methods recommend this procedure: after the last meal of light food, about 16 00 -18 00 a couple of hours to make a saliva enema (a tablespoon of salt per liter of water). After this, drink fifty grams of castor oil, seize a small slice of black bread with salt, or lemon. To drink butter or oil better for three receptions from a soluble spoon. Acts pretty quickly, can be for an hour or even less.

On the other hand, one should remember the genetic predisposition to overextending - find out, maybe your mom and grandmother gave birth a little later than forty weeks, apparently, this is your "family time", in which case it is better not to accelerate the birth.

If the delayed pregnancy is already a diagnosis, and the child needs help, in that case the woman is put in the maternity ward and the delivery begins. Here, drugs are introduced to soften the uterus, then gently with medicamental methods stimulate labor activity.

However, most often the stimulation of the onset of labor is performed by opening a fetal bladder, as the flow of water speeds up the delivery, because this procedure causes the uterus to rapidly contract. This is an easy procedure for all doctors and it is applied. But the preservation of a bubble is normal, then the child's progress is more gentle.