To call birth at home

Already from the 36th week of pregnancy, you can safely expect childbirth, because at this time pregnancy is termless and children are born healthy. Well, what if the gestation period has already exceeded forty? Many believe that it is simply necessary to cause childbirth, that a pregnant pregnancy is worse than a premature pregnancy. Stop! Are you sure that the gestational age is correct? After all, there is always an error of plus or minus two weeks, so can the valid term for today not 40 but 38 weeks?

Do not assume that you know more than Mother Nature, as they say, the child himself knows when it's time to be born. In general, it is not recommended to provoke labor, but I will describe how to call births at home at home.

  • You go on a lot. Walking in the fresh air is endlessly useful in your position, and at the end of pregnancy, long walking promotes the acceleration of childbirth.

  • The best and most useful way to accelerate labor is through sexual intercourse. Orgasm provokes contractions of the uterus, and this is just what you need, and sperm contains prostaglandins, which are also important for childbirth - soften the cervix and cause it to open.

  • Wash the floors, even if they shine! Yes, and not somehow, but manually.

  • Take a warm bath, not hot, but warm.

  • Go to the grocery store and deliver the package to the house on your own. But do not overdo it, because lifting weights is fraught with detachment of the placenta.

  • If you decide to take a walk (item 1) for food (item 5), also visit the pharmacy and get castor oil. Having come home, drink a tablespoon of this remedy, which has a laxative effect, and stimulation of the intestines stimulates the uterus.

  • Lean on fruit, vegetables, porridge.

  • It is believed that the fragrance of jasmine provokes childbirth.

  • Stimulation of the nipples is one of the effective methods of stimulation of labor. The fact that the nipple is closely related to the uterus, and their stimulation causes uterine contractions.

  • Enema is an effect, as well as from castor oil. By the way, you can successfully combine these two methods of bowel cleansing.

  • Traditional medicine offers such methods to cause childbirth at home:

  • Parsley

  • Beet

  • Beetroot juice

  • Currant juice

  • Tea made from raspberry leaves

  • The safest way is to talk with the baby, ask to be born and maybe you will not have to wash floors, drink castor, or weigh heaviness.

  • In any case, it is not recommended to take any action regarding the calling of labor without prior consultation with the gynecologist. If the doctor believes that it is necessary to cause childbirth at home, he himself will advise the best way. By taking such a decision yourself, you risk not only your health, but also the life of your baby.