Causes and treatment of blockage of the milk duct (lactostasis)

The breast of a nursing woman is divided into approximately twenty lobes, each of which comes out by a duct in the nipple. When one of the ducts is pinched, milk is extracted with difficulty and it turns out blockage of the dairy ducts Lactostasis. As a result, the woman has fever, chills begin, the blockage zone swells and pains appear. It is very important to determine in a timely manner the moment of occlusion, since the situation can become much more complicated.

Experts recommend every evening to feel and examine the chest. Inspection should not reveal dense patches larger than a pea, and if such a site is found, it should be stroked while feeding to the nipple.

Causes of lactostasis

The causes of lactostasis are:

  • rare, erratic feeding,

  • incorrect posture during feeding, at which the child grasps the breast,

  • incorrectly matched bra size,

  • sleep on the abdomen,

  • hormonal problems,

  • chest trauma,

  • stresses,

  • hypothermia.

  • When lactostasis should be as often as possible to put the baby to the chest, you can every hour. At such actions the result will be shown already next day.

    Treatment of blockage of milk ducts

    Sometimes, in addition to frequent feeding, an additional pumping is prescribed, but this can not be done more than three times a day, and it is even less likely that the organism will start to allocate even more milk. And this threatens the repetition of blockage of milk ducts .

    When lactostasis does not make warming compresses, they only worsen the situation.

    You can not too actively massage your breasts to solve this problem. It can spread the infection to other parts of the breast, which can lead to an infected mastitis.

    Sucking off the milk of a man is fraught with nipple injuries and an additional infection.

    If the temperature, despite the implementation of all recommendations, lasts more than two days, then a meeting with a doctor is mandatory. Treatment will be prescribed, but the main task is not to stop breastfeeding.