Is it possible to make love during pregnancy

All future parents are concerned about the issue - Whether it is possible to make love during pregnancy .

After all, harmonious relations in the family largely depend on the continuation of the love story.

If you ask a doctor about this, he, of course, will allow partners to have sex if the expectant mother feels well and the pregnancy goes on without complications.

In this case, love can be dealt with from the beginning of pregnancy and until delivery.

Making love during pregnancy is prohibited in such cases:

  • if there is a threat of abortion;

  • the future mother sometimes has spotting,

  • a woman previously had one or more miscarriages;

  • the placenta is located incorrectly, partially or completely blocking the exit from the uterus;

  • any partner has signs of a genital tract infection;

  • the appearance of two or three kids is expected.

  • Psychological barrier of refusing to engage in love

    Sometimes spouses themselves refuse sex because of fear of harming the child. But do not worry - the baby is protected by amniotic fluid, the muscular wall of the uterus, a mucous plug that fills the cervix. If the child begins to move more often after intercourse or during it, his activity is associated with contractions of the uterus during orgasm.

    During pregnancy, a number of women intensify the sexual attraction of . It happens that because of hormonal adjustment after the onset of pregnancy, a woman experiences sexual pleasure, which was not before pregnancy. And some, on the contrary, complain that during pregnancy the desire to make love disappeared completely or decreased. Such changes are often associated with obstetric problems, because of which they do not even think about sex.

    Sexual intercourse during pregnancy

    The pleasure of sex depends on the period of pregnancy.

    In the 1st trimester, a complete reassessment of values ​​takes place, especially if the first-born are waiting. The woman is completely absorbed in her position - she becomes registered in the consultation, collects the necessary documents, handles all sorts of analyzes, buys and reads the necessary literature. If, in addition, pregnancy is accompanied by toxicosis, the question of sex is eliminated by itself. The long-awaited pregnancy can occur after treatment for several years or as a result of in vitro fertilization, then the spouses are simply afraid to touch each other.

    The second trimester is considered the most peaceful for a future mother, passes a toxicosis, a woman begins to feel good, so her sexual desire intensifies. The abdomen at this time has not yet grown very much, but the size of the chest has increased, the fear of becoming pregnant has disappeared. And only with obstetric problems the doctor forbids spouses to have sex.

    In the 3rd trimester, preparation for the birth of a child is under way. Most women at this time do not have sex - intensively the stomach grows, there may be swelling, poor health, high blood pressure. If a woman feels well, but refuses sex because of fear of premature birth, it is in vain - the child is not ripe for birth. But on the eve of birth an orgasm can provoke them.