Heartburn during pregnancy What to do and how to deal with it?

Unfortunately, statistics are such that almost half of pregnant women complain of heartburn, the so-called reflux-esophagitis. This incomprehensible term when decoding means inflammatory process of the mucous membrane in the lower segment of the esophagus, on the border with the stomach. Usually it is characteristic for the second-third trimester of pregnancy, it is possible for repeated occurrence during the day, and this condition can last for several hours in duration.

The process itself is explained by throwing the contents of the stomach into the esophagus, but why during pregnancy the frequency of its occurrence increases, until there is no exact data.

There are popular belief, that presence of a heartburn at the pregnant woman testifies to growth of hair at the kid. However, practice shows that the unpleasant sensations of reflux esophagitis are experienced by future mothers, who subsequently have babies with both abundant vegetation and without it; and vice versa, women who have not experienced heartburn during pregnancy, it happens, give birth to very hairy babies.

Means used for heartburn during pregnancy, there are many and all of them will say what to do . The essence of the phenomenon is that the anatomically the stomach and esophagus are separated by a circular muscle called the lower esophageal sphincter. Functionality of this muscle - when the esophagus is shortened, close the hole through which food enters the stomach. When pregnancy is characterized by an increase in the hormonal level - the blood increases the content of progesterone, which relaxes the smooth muscles of the organs, which also includes the lower esophageal sphincter. As a result, there are no obstacles to the reverse movement of food from the stomach into the esophagus. This process can be even more provoked by intra-abdominal pressure of the growing uterus to neighboring organs; In addition, heartburn may be a manifestation of other gastrointestinal diseases worsening during pregnancy, and it is necessary to consult a doctor.

To alleviate the condition of the pregnant with the resulting heartburn, if this phenomenon is short-lived and not very bothersome, not one national remedy will help. For example, a few spoons of grated carrots will ease the state of the future mother. Honey in honeycombs, if used as a chewing gum, also favorably affects the esophagus mucosa, enveloping it with a film of curative wax. You can try using alkaline mineral water, but without gas. These are all quite affordable products, and getting rid of heartburn during pregnancy is effective.

In order to avoid probable manifestations of heartburn, future mums should more carefully choose food ration . Do not abuse products that can irritate the gastric mucosa and produce excess hydrochloric acid. These include fresh baking, fatty meat and fish, as well as some vegetables containing coarse fibers, sour berries and fruits. Ice cream, soda, various marinades and burning spices, even a cup of black coffee, should be excluded from the menu for a while.

Fractional power - the most optimal option for a woman "in position". Eating small meals five to seven times a day, she will not overload the body with additional work. During pregnancy, you must carefully monitor the regularity of the stool: the appearance of constipation leads to an artificial stress and, as a consequence, the transfer of gastric contents into the esophagus. To prevent constipation, pregnant women are helped by folk remedies in the form of eating vegetable balls from beets, carrots, turnips; cabbage brine, radish juice, and the use of compote of prunes and figs help to avoid disruption of the digestive tract, as well as a glass of curdled milk before bed.

If preventive measures have not helped, to release from heartburn during pregnancy, you can make friends with any other national means. To use, so recommended in these cases, soda is not at all harmless: the water-salt balance is broken, and, on the other hand, the soda solution does not heal, but only temporarily relieves not very pleasant symptoms. It is better to drink a spoonful of vegetable oil, not very, of course, nice, but the effect is immediate and lasting. If this method is unacceptable for a woman, you can resort to seeds, the result is slow, but is present, as well as when chewing a grain of oats, milk ripeness of corn. The blended carrot-potato juice taken before eating can help to avoid the sad consequences of heartburn. Some pregnant women are helped by a glass of warm milk. Very effective use in the form of infusions or decoctions of herbs yarrow, bean, chamomile, plantain, St. John's wort, dill, mint; the powdered root of the calamus, taken at the tip of the knife, filled with a glass of water and drunk at the first manifestations of heartburn, will definitely help. Help such herbs as gentian, rhizome, ginger, licorice root, peas, buckwheat - any folk remedy for heartburn during pregnancy is more mild and harmless in its effect, rather than the use of chemicals.

Very well proved the following method of treatment: during 10 days on an empty stomach in the morning to drink a glass of potato juice and then, after lying down for 30 minutes, an hour later to have breakfast. Ten-day break, and repetition of the course. And another cycle - 10 days break and 10 days of treatment, i.e. only 2 months of treatment. A one-time help can be a pinch (1g) of salt put into the mouth: acidic enzymes that neutralize the acid and eliminate heartburn are secreted when the saliva is swallowed.

First of all, a pregnant woman should maintain health and a great mood, so doctors advise. But any folk remedy can help a woman safely get rid of unpleasant sensations during heartburn. A new, emerging life, depends on the psychosomatic state of a woman, so do not get irritated over trifles, but you have to be calm and optimistic about the future.

Author: Tatiana