Bending the uterus back and forth - poses for conception

Bend of the uterus - It sounds pretty scary. But in fact, nothing particularly terrible in this, the condition is often found, treatable, and even become pregnant with such a diagnosis is possible.

There is bending of the uterus due to the transferred inflammatory diseases, with swelling of the appendages, and also after the abortion. As a result of these and other cases, the uterus moves from its central place in one direction or another - backwards or forwards. What poses for conception is better to use when bending the uterus - this will be discussed in these pages.

Why does the bending of the uterus affect the onset of pregnancy?

The cervix is ​​the "road" by which the sperm move to the uterus, and the displacement of the uterus naturally leads to a shift in the position of the cervix. Therefore, due to uterine flexion, the chances of conception are significantly reduced: it does not become available for getting into the uterus of the seminal fluid. With a very serious displacement of the uterus, getting pregnant can be extremely difficult, sometimes impossible.

What correction is possible with the bending of the uterus?

Displacement of the uterus as a pathological phenomenon does not mean that you can not become pregnant, and then you can not bear a child. On the contrary, you should definitely try to get pregnant. And for this it is enough to follow certain recommendations to find the optimal poses for conception. In addition, with the help of physiotherapy it is possible to strengthen the ligaments and keep them in tone, which will also contribute to the onset of conception.

After a thorough examination, the gynecologist prescribes correction methods that stipulate:

  • treatment of inflammation of the appendages;

  • therapeutic gymnastics, regular gymnastics for increasing the tone of the uterine ligaments;

  • physiotherapeutic procedures;

  • gynecological massage to improve blood circulation and to train the ligament apparatus.

  • Poses for conception

    The greatest probability of conception is in the days of ovulation - it is on these days that women should attempt to conceive. For this it is on these days that it is best to have sex and as often as possible.

    If a woman has a bend of the uterus back, the most favorable position for conceiving a child is the knee-elbow position when the partner is behind. After completing sexual intercourse, a woman should not immediately get up - about fifteen minutes a woman is better to lie on her stomach .

    If a woman finds the bend of the uterus forward, the most effective pose is the classic missionary, when the woman is on her back, the partner is on top. In this case, under the buttocks, you need to put a small cushion to ensure that the pelvis is in a raised position. At the end of intercourse, a woman should raise her legs and stay in the "birch" pose for a while - this will help spermatozoa get to the uterus faster.