Liquid crystals for hair. Benefit and harm of using the drug

If your hair ends, liquid crystals should interest you. This special tool is intended just for such trouble.

"Liquid crystals" protect and reanimate weakened and curly hair. Inspiration and composition - among the ingredients there is a mineral oil, a vitamin cocktail in the form of an extract of betaine, this helps to take care of the hair in a qualitative and professional way.

The use of liquid crystals

Applied "Liquid crystals" by applying a means of moist, pre-pressed hair. Just a couple of drops rubbed in the palms of your hands, applied to the ends and the entire length of hair combed.

The mechanism for caring for the cut ends of the hair is to close the upper scaly layer (cuticle), which prevents further cross-section of the hair. Liquid crystals are quite applicable and in use in the form of a finish texture, which can be emphasized by applying a few drops upon completion of the installation.

The opinions of consumers of this tool are mostly positive, both on the Internet, and on shops and salons.

The use of liquid crystals for hair

Many insist that one drop is enough in one piece, and that can be too much, because the consistence of the product is thick, viscous, oily.

In addition, especially the owners of fatty hair apply the product only to the tips. In the hands of liquid crystals rub quickly, well and pleasantly, with a delicate watermelon and strawberry flavor. Which you want to feel further, but it relatively quickly disappears.

Type of hair after the application of liquid crystals completely transformed, there is an earth shine, a well-groomed appearance appears immediately after application, the tips of the hair noticeably soften, become smooth and pleasing to the eye. A couple of months is enough to cut and brittle the hair cuts, or even stopped altogether. That is liquid crystals actively perform and therapeutic function. Even the effect can be traced even if the user daily uses a hairdryer, tongs for straightening hair and other tools that are theoretically working to destroy the health of the hair.

Correct use of

The remedy is extremely economical, especially, like many, to use it by drop. Well, it's right, if there are enough drops, why more?

The composition of liquid crystals includes silicone, but its function is not curative, and a vitamin bouquet cope with it.

Silicone perfectly envelops hair, it gives hair smoothness and shine. The volume of the hairdress increases with this. It perfectly masks defects, fills the cavities in the hair, smooths the scales. Long thin hair in such an environment is better combed.