Yellow body during pregnancy. Cyst

Life begins with a certain moment of ovulation - a process when a ripe egg leaves the ruptured follicle to meet the sperm that has penetrated into the woman's body and the subsequent fertilization. When the follicle is ruptured, the cells of this follicle form the so-called. yellow body in pregnancy - a cluster of cells of yellow color.

Why do you need a yellow body?

The yellow body during pregnancy is a temporary endocrine gland producing female sex hormones - progesterone and estrogen. Progesterone is a pregnancy hormone that is responsible for delivering the blastocysts into the uterine cavity, as well as for bearing the fetus and reducing the ability to contract the uterus musculature. In addition, progesterone activates the mammary gland to produce milk. It is the lack of this hormone that can lead to the inability to become pregnant or endure a child. Progesterone is created not only by the yellow body, but by the adrenal glands, too, but in small amounts. Therefore, without a yellow body, formed during ovulation, pregnancy may not occur at all.

So, the yellow body is responsible for the production of female hormones . If the pregnancy has not come, the yellow body dies, and due to a sharp drop in the level of the hormone progesterone, the menstrual process begins. In this case, the yellow body is called false. With the onset of pregnancy, the yellow body continues to function and produce progesterone and only at 10-16 weeks of gestation it passes the function of producing progesterone to the placenta (but sometimes the yellow body functions until the very birth).

Where does the yellow body cyst come from?

In the absence of fertilization, the yellow body gradually decreases and turns into a scar, while it synthesizes less progesterone. But sometimes there is accumulation of fluid in the yellow body, and then the yellow body increases, reaching 5-7 cm. When pregnant, the cyst of the yellow body is quite rare and occurs in both young and elderly women.

Causes of cyst development can be different factors.

  • Violation of the circulation of lymph and blood in the vessels that feed the yellow body.

  • The use of hormonal drugs, because of which there is a violation of the processes of endocrine regulation of ovulation.

  • Stress.

  • Intoxication.

  • Infectious diseases.

  • Extreme weight loss.

  • Symptoms of the cyst of the yellow body

    The yellow body cyst sometimes exists asymptomatically. But when the cyst is twisted on the leg or its rupture, there is a marked symptomatology:

  • severe pain in the lower abdomen and in the lower back,

  • violation of the menstrual cycle,

  • change in the nature of the discharge,

  • bleeding outside the cycle,

  • stool retention, nausea, vomiting,

  • symptoms of intoxication - weakness, pallor, syncope, increased heart rate.

  • Treatment of the cyst of the yellow body

    If the cyst of the yellow body is small - up to 4 cm in diameter - it usually resolves itself on the first days of menstruation. When a yellow body cyst is discovered during pregnancy in the early stages, doctors believe that it will not lead to serious disorders and is in fact a functioning yellow body during pregnancy.

    Taking measures is necessary when there is a violation of the integrity of the wall of the cyst of the yellow body, because as a result of this phenomenon, the entire contents of the cyst of the yellow body can pour into the abdominal cavity. In addition, in the absence of treatment of the cyst of the yellow body, spikes are formed, which can lead to necrotic changes in surrounding tissues, up to the occurrence of peritonitis. In these cases, a surgical procedure is indicated, usually a laparoscopy.