Pregnancy test before the delay

Whether there is a sense to pass or take place the test for pregnancy even before a delay and, the main thing, to receive a reliable result? Yes, the question is good. After all, instructions on the use of various diagnostic devices definitely recommend that you do this test only if the next scheduled menstruation has not arrived on time.

Whether the pregnancy test performed will show pregnancy before the delay, depends on many factors. For example, the term that has passed since the fertilization of an egg plays a large role, and also depends a lot on the individual characteristics of the organism. Below you can find out in which cases you can be sure of the accuracy of the result, as well as whether it is worthwhile to conduct a test at all.

How reliable is early pregnancy testing?

If you are still far from menstruating, and you know that pregnancy is possible, then it is possible to determine before the onset of a delay whether you are pregnant or not, by indirect signs, which sometimes turn out to be quite reliable. First of all, a woman can begin to have chest pain, a fever may slightly increase, drowsiness, fatigue, fatigue appear. These signs are indirect, their presence does not guarantee that pregnancy is certain. Therefore, it is possible to determine exactly in what position you are - interesting or not - only by conducting the test yourself at home, or at a gynecologist's appointment.

Many people are satisfied with the first option. You buy a test strip in the pharmacy, collect the morning portion of urine and that's it. In this portion of urine, pregnancy should have a hCG hormone - it is the reaction to the substance used to impregnate the test strip. If the hormone hCG in sufficient quantity - pregnancy is.

And how reliable will early testing be? The fact is that there are normal tests that react to a high content of hCG hormone - 25 mM /mol and more, and there are jet tests - they show pregnancy if the hormone content is 20 and even 10 mM /mole. You can read about this on the test package. Anyway, but to do a pregnancy test is still better close to the beginning of menstruation, even if you purchased the most sensitive test product (the second strip will be weakly expressed on it).

Factors affecting the result

Thus, we can say that the pregnancy test done in advance is not too reliable, and it is not worth it to trust. And that's why. After conception, the introduction of the egg into the wall of the uterus usually occurs within 7-10 days. However, there is a possibility that it has already happened earlier - for example, 3 or later on day 11. With early introduction, the level of hCG hormone will be quite sufficient to determine the presence of pregnancy before the delay. And with late implantation of the ovule into the wall of the uterus, the answer will be known not earlier than the period of menstruation.

Whether to do a pregnancy test before the delay?

Given that it is impossible to determine the day of introduction of the egg into the uterus independently, the pregnancy test conducted before the delay will be similar to a lottery, and its result will not be completely reliable. That's why to determine the presence of pregnancy is only when the delay is monthly.