Is it possible to give birth after cesarean section and the consequences of

Natural delivery after cesarean section.

If the pregnant woman already had a cesarean section, there is a scar on the uterus, then, in the absence of mandatory indications for a repeat caesarean section, it is not necessary to perform it. This is absolutely not a safe alternative to natural childbirth. Modern medicine believes that just natural births after cesarean section are more safe for both the child and the mother.

The main advantage of natural delivery after cesarean section is lies in the fact that it is with vaginal delivery that there is no danger of postoperative complications, and the rehabilitation of the organism is faster. Naturally, this is in the absence of absolute indications for cesarean section in a particular pregnancy. And the very possibility of natural delivery after cesarean section should be determined taking into account the type of cesarean section, which was carried out in previous births.

If a classical cesarean section was performed, after which a longitudinal scar remained, natural delivery can not be achieved. In the case of a transverse scar, and lack of indications for cesarean section operation, it is perfectly acceptable for the birth to occur naturally.

How to give birth after cesarean section?

For the possibility of natural delivery after cesarean section, some rules should be followed. To begin with, after the first cesarean section, it is necessary for the doctor who took delivery to take an extract. It will list the indications for the operation, the length of the birth, and also the anhydrous period before the operation, and the method of producing the caesarean section is described. Next, the method of sewing a cut on the uterus is described and indicates the characteristics of the suture material used, this may be catgut or synthetic threads. In addition, complications during the operation, volume and recovery of blood loss, as well as the course of the postoperative period should be indicated, where the method of preventing infectious complications and recommendations for future recovery should be singled out.

When discharging from the hospital, the doctor is obliged to tell the woman in childbirth what specific indications led to that had to be given birth with Caesarean section. If these were only the features of the first pregnancy, such as the toxicosis of the second half of pregnancy, detachment, or either placenta previa, a clinically narrow pelvis and several others, then the second pregnancy can even end with natural childbirth.

Recommendations of doctors

If a woman has a strong desire to give birth to a second child in a natural way, then this should be prepared from the moment the young mother and baby are discharged from the hospital.

It is very important to take seriously the recommendations of the doctor regarding the suture.

Firstly, you should clearly withstand the appointed interval between pregnancies. There is a firm medical opinion that after caesarean section should be pregnant no earlier than two or three years . However, at this lumen, in no case should there be an unwanted pregnancy, since abortion after cesarean section is a very unfavorable factor that actively affects the condition of the scar on the uterus. He can become the culprit of the mandatory subsequent cesarean section.

After cesarean section, you should pay close attention to the mandatory correct planning of pregnancy with constant monitoring of pregnancy. One of the measures of pregnancy planning is to consult a doctor for an objective assessment of the scar.

The optimal picture is when the scar on the uterus is almost not visible, which indicates an adequate recovery of the body.