When pregnancy can go monthly and do they even exist?

The onset of menstruation in the first month of pregnancy is understandable. This is normal. To

As we often have, including in the internal life of the body, the signal to the body about implantation did not arrive in time, there was no complete reorganization of the hormonal background, and the monthly ones started automatically. This can be justified by the fact that the path of a fertilized egg to the uterus on the fallopian tubes lasts from a week to two, but, if desired, you can justify anything you like.

Progesterone, a hormone of pregnancy, and stopping menstruation, begins to be developed only after receiving a message of the fact of the appearance of the embryo.

So monthly in the first month of pregnancy - this is the usual communication problems.

The causes of the appearance of a monthly pregnancy

An additional, but very rare cause of menstruation during pregnancy is the maturation of two ovules in different ovaries in a single cycle.

A similar case occurred in cotton plantations in Tajikistan in 1934 when young Mamlakat Akberdyevna Nakhangova began to collect cotton at once with both hands and set a labor record. For this she was awarded the Order of Lenin, and Stalin even held her on his lap and presented his photograph.

In our case, everything happens a little differently. Only one of the oocytes is fertilized, and the second with the endometrium is rejected, and this is the reason for menstruation.

Why in pregnancy can go monthly?

Is there a period of pregnancy? This is only natural for the first month of pregnancy.

In later terms, this phenomenon should already cause alarm. It's probably hormones sham, due to the instability of the hormonal background caused by environmental problems, stresses, inflammations, drugs, but in any case, hormonal disorder, especially in pregnancy should be examined by a doctor. When pregnancy can go monthly only in the first month .

Up to an ambulance call.

Often, the allocation is due to the exfoliation of the fruit egg, therefore, the fertilized egg is fragmentary, or completely can detach from the uterine wall. False ones during pregnancy are not accompanied by painful sensations, and they are insignificant.

However, when there is obvious discomfort in the lower abdomen, there is a clear suspicion of miscarriage. The doctor is obligatory here.