If the head hurts during pregnancy. Migraines and headache in pregnant women

At pregnant women the head goes around and hurts not only from only cares. Many future mothers are already familiar with migraine. Migraines arise from biochemical disorders in the brain, as well as from changes in the tone of the vessels of the brain. Typically, migraine begins in women during ovulation and menstruation - but during pregnancy these migraine-initiating factors are not possible. Why then there is a pain in the head of a future mother, and how to relieve a headache during pregnancy?

Causes of headaches

There are many causes of pain: stress, excess or lack of sleep, overwork, changing weather conditions, too bright light, loud sounds, hunger, tobacco smoke. "Culprits" of migraine attacks can even be the following products: chocolate, Chinese dishes, cheese, nuts, yogurt, avocado, chicken liver, sausages, citrus fruits, bananas, pickled and canned products, coffee, tea, coca-cola.

The change in the hormonal background also affects the shifts in different biochemical parameters. Most pregnant, suffering from migraine, forget about it in 2-3 trimesters.

Symptoms of a migraine attack in pregnant women

Migraines are divided into the usual and migraine with the so-called "aura". First there is an "aura" - flashes of light, flickering in the eyes, glowing zigzags, flickering moving points, and the sensitivity of the skin can change. An hour after the "aura", a throbbing pain begins in the head, usually one-sided, accompanied by vomiting, nausea and photophobia.

How during pregnancy to get rid of a migraine and a headache?

To say goodbye to migraine, first it is necessary to remove the triggers of its occurrence factors - for example, to clean the diet of "dangerous" products. During pregnancy migraine can be treated with "paracetamol", if necessary with antihistamine drugs ("suprastin", "diazolin", "phenacarol"). Future mothers are forbidden to take "nurofen", "aspirin", "ergotamine", "propranolol".

Headache as a symptom of dangerous diseases in pregnant women

Unfortunately, the nature of the onset of headaches is not always harmless. Sometimes pain in the head can signal dangerous diseases. Pregnant women should remember this. So, in the 2-3 trimester, the risk of strokes, the appearance of clots in the veins of the brain, increased pressure inside the skull, hemorrhages.

Pain in the head can signal an increase in blood pressure. Elevated blood pressure is the main symptom of hypertension, kidney diseases, gestosis (gestosis - late toxicosis) of pregnancy.

Methods of treatment and prevention of headache during pregnancy


With a decrease in blood sugar levels, there may be a headache, so it is recommended that pregnant women keep it at a constant level. Food should be taken often, preferring to better energetically saturated foods, for example, with a high content of complex carbohydrates.

Fresh air against headache of pregnant women

Roast, stuffy, dusty, smoke-filled and rarely ventilated room can cause pain in the head. When you are in a room that is too crowded with people, you should choose a place near the door - it will be more convenient to leave the room and take a breath of fresh air.

In winter, in an apartment with central heating switched on, often take a seat near the apertured window in order to reduce the effect of the air that has been drained in the apartment. I can buy an ionizer.

Home remedies for help against headaches

The best method to overcome the headache during pregnancy is preventive measures. But many pregnant women, although not nervous, eat properly and often are in the open air, nevertheless, experience pain in the head. Here you can try a different approach to fighting pain. Try using the following methods of relieving headaches, safe for you and for the baby.

Massaging the head of a pregnant woman

Lay down comfortably or sit on a chair, relax, and ask a loved one to massage you the part of the head where the pain is felt. Movement should be circular and sufficiently energetic. In the case of frequent headaches, you can refer to a specialist who has the technique of acupressure neck and temples.

Cleansing of the sinuses of the nose

The hormones of pregnancy increase the congestion of the sinuses of the nose. Also, this condition is aggravated by staying in a hot, stuffy, unventilated room, especially in winter. You can use the "sauna for the face", it is sold in beauty shops. To get more pleasure from the procedure, place the device on the table, tilt the face forward, and for 5-10 minutes bring it closer to the socket of the "sauna", from which steam will exit. A fascinating telecast and relaxing music will help to shorten the procedure for cleansing the sinuses of the nose, and not interrupt it before the right time.


People who often suffer from migraine know that the best way to relieve the headache is to lie down in a quiet and dark room.

If you have tried all of the above methods of treatment and funds, but headaches are still troubling, consult a doctor about analgesics safe for pregnant women. For example, if during the pregnancy episodic use of "acetaminophen" ("Tylenol") - it will be safe, but the constant intake of this drug can be harmful. Popular medications for treating migraines, especially those that contain ergot, are unsafe during pregnancy. The same applies to many common pain killers, such as ibuprofen.