Dyufaston during pregnancy: indications, contraindications

In many cases, the child's non-bearing is a consequence of the deficiency of the hormone progesterone, which is produced by the body of a woman.

Progesterone is the real "pregnancy hormone", because it is responsible for relaxing the smooth muscles of the uterus, which makes it possible to create optimal conditions for the development of the embryo.

The lack of progesterone leads to a condition in which the fetus does not have the possibility of normal development, this is fraught with premature termination of pregnancy.

This event is most likely in the first trimester of pregnancy, in the second and third this misfortune happens less often. In the first trimester, the placenta is still forming. In the subsequent trimesters formed placenta can produce progesterone and itself. Before that, at the first stages of pregnancy, if doctors have determined the lack of progesterone, every effort should be made to replenish it. To eliminate the risk of spontaneous abortion, Dufaston is intended, since this drug is the source of the progesterone analogue, the synthetic hormone dydrogesterone.

Effect of Dufaston on the fetus

During pregnancy, you must be careful about taking any medication. However, Duphaston not only actively compensates for the deficit of progesterone, important is its safety for the mother and fetus.

Dyufaston, eliminating hypertonia, favors the reduction of muscular contractions of the uterus, very positively affects the formation of normal mucosa.

Additionally, Duphaston in pregnancy may be prescribed in the presence of chronic endometritis. In this disease, due to increased activity of the immune system, which perceives the embryo as a foreign body, spontaneous abortion occurs. A similar state is corrected by Dufaston. The use of the drug contributes to the development of a woman's blocking factor in the body, which helps to normalize the immune system and eliminate the risk of miscarriage.

In pregnancy, Dyufaston can only be prescribed by a doctor who develops an individual regimen for taking the remedy, taking into account the characteristic features of the condition, which has led to the threat of not bearing, and the characteristics of the menstrual cycle. Usually, Duphaston is consumed during the first sixteen weeks of pregnancy, sometimes it continues to be taken at the doctor's prescription and until the twenty-second week, but this rarely happens. Here they take care not of miscarriage, but of premature birth, because the child is already considered viable.

When is it necessary to cancel DUFASTON?

If the need for the use of the drug has disappeared, drug cancellation is prescribed, but it is carried out gradually, reducing daily the dosage is reduced by half or the whole tablet. Cancellation itself can be prescribed only by a doctor, if the tests demonstrate normal performance. And, as well as the purpose of taking the medicine, so its cancellation takes place according to the individual scheme. For example, if there are normal tests, the reduction in the drug intake usually takes place according to the scheme "minus 1 or 0.5 tablets per day". In the event of a deviation from the norm of the level of progesterone, the scheme is changed by the doctor, and the cancellation period can last several weeks. Sharply stop using Duphaston in no case it is impossible, it is fraught with vaginal bleeding or even miscarriage.


The only contraindication to the appointment of Dufaston in pregnancy is the individual intolerance of its components. True, there are a number of very rare hereditary diseases in which Dufaston is also contraindicated. This is Dabin-Johnson syndrome and Rotor syndrome. In addition, with caution should be prescribed Duphaston in pregnancy, with problems with the cardiovascular system, kidney disease, diabetes, migraine, in addition, the same requirement is true and if in previous pregnancies itchy skin. In other conditions, Dyufaston can be used without fear, because it does not affect blood coagulability, liver function, blood pressure level and metabolism. In addition, you can not prescribe Duphaston in parallel with estrogen containing drugs, then the treatment will be completely successful.