Diet for pregnant women for weight loss

The cause of many diseases is excess weight. This applies to pregnant women including, and maybe - and in the first place. But common diet for weight loss does not fit pregnant women, since they limit many foods in which the body of a pregnant woman may need. Deficiency of nutrients for a woman in a position is unacceptable.

The basic rules are

It is very important to competently build a diet - a special diet that will contain all the necessary substances of a balanced diet on the one hand and that will help you lose weight, on the other.

What should include a diet for losing weight of a pregnant woman? First of all, we must not forget that it needs to get 100-120 g of protein daily, of which 70-90 g are animal proteins, that is, meat, fish, poultry, eggs, cottage cheese, dairy products. Daily portion of fats - 80-100 grams, of which vegetable fats should be at least 20 grams. Carbohydrates will have to be reduced - no more than 300 grams a day. Reduce the need for sugar, sweets, baked goods.

The number of meals should not be less than 4 preferably 5 or 6 but in small portions. The last meal is best arranged no later than 3 hours before bedtime, it should consist of light foods - best of all fermented milk.

Products are best cooked for a couple or bake, you can put out, but do not fry. Salt should be limited to a day to 1 teaspoon. The fact is that salty foods do not allow fluid to escape from the body, which can lead to swelling. But to drink plain water should be more - up to 2 liters a day, at least 1.5 liters.

Sample menu for pregnant women for losing weight

Vegetables. Allowed products: all varieties of cabbage, pumpkin, tomatoes, zucchini, cucumber, bell pepper, carrots. It is better to eat the vegetables raw.

Limit: green peas, beans, peas, beets.

Soups: cook better on vegetable broth with pasta or cereals. Season with herbs, low-fat sour cream. The daily norm of soup is 200 grams.

Meat: low-fat varieties - veal, rabbit, poultry. Cooking is better for a couple - cutlets, zrazy, meatballs, meatballs, boiled or baked meat. A day - no more than 150 grams.

Fish: also low-fat varieties. Cook on steamed, in the form of soufflé, cutlets, meatballs, rolls, etc. The daily norm is 150 grams.

Flour products: bread should be stale or dried in a toaster. Better to eat coarse bread, with bran. A cookie is just a biscuit or a biscuit. Daily portion - no more than 150 grams.

Dairy products : it is better to use low-fat and unsweetened dairy products - yoghurt, kefir, fermented baked milk, cottage cheese. Milk itself can be eaten only if there is no allergy. Cottage cheese per day you need to eat 100-200 grams, milk - no more than a glass.

Eggs: eat eggs, boiled soft-boiled or steam omelet. In a week you can eat 1-2 eggs.

Fats: it is better to use unsalted butter from animal fats, sometimes it can be ghee. Any vegetable oil a day you need to eat 15 g.

Cereals, pasta : add to the soup or eat cereals without bread.

Fruits and berries: choose unsweetened varieties of fruits and berries. Bananas are better not to eat. Of sweet fruit, it is better to cook compotes without sugar.

Sauces, salted and spicy dishes, seasonings, spices, sweets, ice cream, confectionery, pepsi and cola, coffee and tea - it is better to exclude altogether. You can have kvassed cabbage by washing it in water beforehand.