Whether to do physical exercises during pregnancy

When future mothers, on the pretext of not being able to play sports due to the peculiarities of the current state, refuse completely from any physical exercises, they only harm their bodies. No one needs to go to gym and conquer the marathon distance on the treadmill or lift the bar with a weight equal to half yours. But to take care of one's health within reason is never a hindrance.

Firstly, with pregnancy and during labor, joints and ligaments experience a strong load. To strengthen them, you can not do without exercises. Secondly, the muscles lose their tone from the fact that the woman completely condemns herself to lying on the couch for more than half of her pregnancy. And thirdly, this is the inevitable appearance of extra pounds due to the fact that the body requires something like that. Sport will help to replace the sharp changes in taste, which are due to hormonal changes. Therefore, do not think about whether physical exercises are allowed during pregnancy, you just need to be able to properly perform them.

Unambiguously, the process of childbirth takes place more easily and quickly, if the woman was engaged in sports. Tightened and strong back muscles will not allow the spine to take on all the load when carrying a child. Blood and oxygen, which during the physical activity saturates every cell of your body, will allow avoid varices and stretch marks, which are so common in the postpartum period. And finally, the flexibility and moderate stretching of the future mother will never be able to harm her or the baby. Only if, in pregnancy, you have any complications, if there is a possibility of not bearing a pregnancy, then you just need to consult a supervising doctor about whether physical exercises are specifically for you.

Given several restrictions and prohibitions, you can choose the optimal exercise for pregnant women. To exclude it is necessary sharp махи, jumps, deep squats and deflections in a loin. For those who are engaged in yoga, you must abandon those postures, the performance of which requires a high rise of the legs for the level of the head.

Any lesson should begin with a warm-up, gradually becoming more complex and shifting into a force, and also smoothly, and not abruptly and suddenly stop. When playing sports, you need to monitor what the heart rate of a woman is. In pregnancy, the heartbeat and so it becomes more frequent, but additional excessive loads can adversely affect the cardiovascular system of a future mother, which from the second trimester already gaining additional weight. The pulse rate, which should become a stop signal for you, is 140 beats per minute. Increase the rest intervals between exercises, reduce the number of repetitions. Be attentive to your body. Any pain that appears in the abdomen, a feeling of tension and dizziness should be a signal "stop". Usually, during pregnancy, which is normal, there is no discomfort and unpleasant symptoms if the woman is regularly engaged. Irregularity of physical activity will have an extremely stressful effect on the body. Or do it regularly, or not at all - this is the main principle for pregnant women who want to continue their sport activities before giving birth.

During training during pregnancy, you need do not forget about drinking . Water should enter your body in large quantities, than in the absence of pregnancy. Dehydration can become an extremely dangerous condition for expectant mothers. Important is the question and about the conditions under which the training process takes place. The hall should not be hot and stuffy, airing and access of fresh air should be carried out continuously. This is the concern of the trainer who deals with pregnant women, but if your body requires additional ventilation, do not hesitate to talk about it in the hall.

Breathing - this is another important aspect during exercise during pregnancy. There should be no delays even for a couple of seconds. Check yourself in any minute: you should, during the execution of any exercise, say something easily. Then it will testify that you breathe properly.

Thinking about whether physical exercises are allowed, think about what kind of sport to stop. Definitely, you need to give up jumping on the steppes, from intense aerobics. By the way, it can be substituted for walks in a fast, but not tiring pace in the park, along fresh air. Work on creating attractive cubes in the press area will have to be postponed, but the press of not too heavy dumbbells when lying on a bench or on the floor can be left. Exercises for the hips and shins can be done, and squats at a fast pace is better to replace the lifting of the legs to the sides and back. Any complex of exercises during pregnancy is selected depending on what level of physical preparation of the future mother. If she used to go in for sports regularly, visiting a gym, a group of fitness or aerobics, then she is allowed more than an inexperienced woman in matters of sports loads.

Now in any self-respecting gym there are groups for classes not only with ordinary girls, women, but also with those who expect a child. and therefore for such lessons a special trainer is selected who knows the peculiarities of employment with pregnant women and the level of allowable load. In any case, when you first come to class, an experienced instructor should ask whether physical exercises are allowed to you by a doctor. And do not deceive yourself here first of all. If the answer from the doctor to your question was a strict "no!", Do not ask the coach to take you to the group.

Remember, pregnancy is not a disease. Therefore, do not think that you are someone incomplete when carrying a child, lead a habitual way of life for your own pleasure and yourself for the good!