Readiness of the female body for labor. Scale of assessment of "maturity" of the cervix

The preparedness of the female organism, the readiness of the uterus, as well as the sensitivity of the myometrium to the action of contact substances, are of great importance in the onset of labor and its correct course.

The features of the course of labor are largely divided by the degree of readiness of the organism of the pregnant woman for childbirth. The formation of such readiness takes place during the last 10-15 days of pregnancy before childbirth. It is determined by the degree of maturity of the cervix and the sensitivity of the myometrium to the oxytetics. There are many different methods for assessing the "maturity" of the cervix.

For practical activities, it is advisable to have such a technique, which would take into account a large number of variants of its state and be fairly simple in operation. Proceeding from these principles, AP Golubev in 1972 developed a scale for assessing the "maturity" of the cervix. The scale also includes indicators of the maturity of the cervix, such as the consistency of the pihvinnoi part of the cervix, its length, the permeability of the cervical canal. Each of these indicators, depending on their severity, is estimated from zero to four points. First, each is evaluated separately, and then the scores of all indicators are summed up. The amount received is a general indicator of the degree of maturity of the cervix. On this scale, the status of the cervix can be estimated from zero to 12 points. Thus, using this scale, you can distinguish 13 variants of the state of the cervix. With a total score of zero to 4 points, the cervix is ​​considered immature, 5-8 points maturing, 9-12 points - mature, prepared for childbirth.