We prepare the breast for feeding or how to prepare the breast for feeding the child

It is extremely important immediately after delivery to attach the baby to my mother's breast. This is not just a process of feeding, it is a signal at the level of instinct that engenders mutual intimacy. And further breastfeeding will help the baby grow up healthy. But in order to use everything smoothly prepare your breasts for feeding .

In order that avoid problems when feeding, the breast should be started to cook even during pregnancy.

In Soviet times, women's counselors advised future mothers to rub their nipples with a coarse cloth, in order to coarsen them. It still should not be done. Rigid tissue, especially if overdone, can injure the nipple. And the cracks that appear are the gate to infection.

We will apply more gentle methods of preparing the breast for feeding and answer the question of how to develop a breast for feeding before giving birth.

Naturally, the breasts should be washed daily, but try not to soap nipples, soap can dry the delicate skin. Something to lubricate healthy nipples is not necessary, but to strengthen, make it less sensitive, it will be useful.

Black tea for preparation of a breast for feeding

In this we will help ordinary black tea. Put napkins, soaked in tea leaves on nipples several times a day. Even better, if you have an oak bark. Brew it as indicated on the package, let it cool down, and bathe your papillae, or make compresses just like tea.

How to harden the breast before feeding

The answer to the question of how the breast is developed for feeding before birth is known to the supporters of tempering, since the breast also needs to be hardened. Start with air baths. Just like open chest for 10-15 minutes. The next stage will be pouring the chest first cool, and then cold water. When you take a shower, at the end pour cool water on your chest. Be careful! Do not set records on walrus. Reduce the water temperature gradually.

It is also useful to wipe the nipples with ice cubes, this is also a hardening procedure. Very well, if the ice is prepared from the broth of herbs, the same oak bark, you can take chamomile, turn. Keep the ice at the chest for a long time, you do not have to freeze. Wipe nipples with ice enough once a day.

Check your nipple shape before beginning breastfeeding

Some women have flat or drawn nipple forms. In this case, the baby will be difficult to take a normal breast, and it threatens you with nipple injuries. How to check what shape of your nipple? To do this, gently squeeze the nipple from the opposite sides along the border of the areola with a thumb and forefinger. The nipple of the convex form will protrude forward, and the retracted one will "hide" completely.

To prepare a breast with flat or drawn nipples, perform a simple massage. With two fingers, gently pull the nipple slightly twisting it. Probably, there is no need to remind you that your hands should be cleaned and your nails cut and filed?

But before proceeding with the above massage, consult a doctor who is leading your pregnancy. Stimulation of the nipples can lead to uterine contractions, and this is highly undesirable in certain conditions.

In pharmacies are sold special devices to change the shape of the nipple, the so-called correctors. They need to be worn in the last months of pregnancy, starting from five minutes a day. Gradually increasing the wearing time to half an hour a day.

After the birth of the baby, continue to wear the correctors before feeding for 15 minutes.

Breast massage as preparation for feeding

You can advise, future mothers to carry out daily breast massage. Do it better in the morning and evening before bedtime. Massage includes simple tricks:

1. Circular stroking the chest. Operate with both hands at the same time. Very soft and gentle. Do not touch the nipples and areolas!

2. Stroke the breast first up to the nipple, then from the side and finally from the bottom. Massaging both glands simultaneously.

3. We take the left breast from the left in the left hand and lift it slightly, at this time, with your right hand, gently press from above. We press, it does not mean we press hard! Everything is very gentle and tidy.

Perform each reception 5 times. Such a massage will harden your chest and come in handy if you later need to express the milk.

It is important to choose the right bra, he should not squeeze the breast in any way. During pregnancy, the size of the bra should be changed after a few weeks. Therefore, do not buy a lot of linen, perhaps soon enough it will not suit you. Choose a bra with a wide bra and preferably from natural fabrics.

In addition to physical training, it is also necessary to conduct psychological training. For this, during pregnancy it is very useful to communicate with happy nursing mothers. They receive a lot of pleasant emotions from the feeding process and will gladly share them with you. It is also useful to read positive literature about the upbringing of infants, which describes how to properly feed the baby. You have to be clearly determined that you will be breastfeeding, and this will give pleasure to you and the child. It is worth to be like classes for expectant mothers, dedicated to feeding. There you will be shown how to properly put the baby to the chest, tell how to avoid the appearance of cracks on the nipples. Usually, such classes are held in women's clinics or at maternity hospitals.

If you experience that feeding will spoil the shape of your breasts, then you should begin to resist it already during pregnancy.

Gymnastics will help us in this. During the morning warm-up, do 2-3 exercises that strengthen the pectoral muscles, for example, the exercise "prayer":

Stand or sit on a chair straight. Fold your arms at chest level, palms together, pointing up. Elbows in the sides. Begin with force to press the lower parts of the palms against each other. At the same time, the muscles under the mammary glands are straining. Namely, they support the breast, protecting it from sagging.

A variant of the first exercise is the second, called "bulb":

The starting position is the same. Hands above your head, palms together, fingers up. Just compress the lower parts of the palms.

On account of one to thirty we strain the muscles, then relax. You need to start with 10 repetitions, then bring up to thirty.

Thanks to this training, your baby will get a full breastfeeding, and you will save a beautiful breast and keep wonderful memories of the baby's infant.

Author: Ksenia Ivanova