Hexoral for pregnancy

Hexoral - a medicinal antiseptic drug for topical use. Form release - tablets, spray for irrigation of the mouth, a solution for rinsing the throat. Assigned Geksoral for dental and ENT diseases.

When processing the mucous membrane of the oral cavity with Hexoral, complete sterilization of the throat and larynx occurs, the pathogenic bacteria are destroyed. But, unfortunately, together with this, immunity is also destroyed, and the mucous membrane becomes defenseless . According to the doctors, Geksoral acquired a well-deserved popularity. However, by the way, a big role in this was advertising . And the use of it not in all patients causes a good effect. Moreover, when there is a question - whether it is possible to apply Geksoral during pregnancy - there is something to think about.

There have been no studies in this area, there is no reliable information on the effect of Geksoral on the health of pregnant women and development of the fetus. Therefore, it is impossible to say whether the active substance of the drug, Geksoral, penetrates through the placental barrier. This is a significant moment and definitely - not in favor of Geksoral! What to expect from Geksoral? It is unlikely that the doctor will answer this question. And the doctor, by the way, should carefully weigh everything, before prescribing to the pregnant woman the drug Geksoral.

I must say that in practice, Geksoral is still used as an antiseptic agent for local use in pregnant women. Moreover, it is prescribed not only for treatment, but also for the prevention of acute respiratory diseases, as a first aid in case of sore throat, at the very beginning of a sore throat or when coughing. And the business of every pregnant woman is to think carefully before applying this or that medicine, carefully study the instructions to the drug, its composition, and contraindications.

In Hexoral, there are not so many contraindications - for example, allergic reactions are possible, up to anaphylactic shock (due to the substance of benzocaine included in the composition of Hexorol). Overdose of benzocaine can suppress the work of the brain. A suppression of the respiratory center causes sometimes a coma. An overdose of the drug can also cause bradycardia and cardiac arrest. Of course, there is hardly anyone who will use so much. However, do not forget that the action of benzocaine on the fetus has not been studied!

In addition, The rinse and spray solution of Hexoral contains alcohol. And it is known to be contraindicated in pregnancy, especially in the early stages.

Here also solve, dear or expensive pregnant women: to apply to you Geksoral or not