Hematoma in pregnancy: causes, forms, symptoms

During the pregnancy of the next uzi, the future mother awaits as a manna from heaven, but even in the absence of complaints, the uzist can look at a black and white screen with some hematoma. I think that such a hematoma, it is clear to everyone - is the accumulation of blood in the tissue. Hematoma during pregnancy is determined by the accumulation of blood in a certain place of the uterus, namely, there, the fetal egg exfoliates from the uterus, which is a serious complication.

Causes of hematoma in the uterus during pregnancy

Hematoma during pregnancy can be formed due to some changes in the vessels of the placenta and uterus, which can occur due to the presence of various diseases of internal organs. Often, the cause of the appearance of a hematoma in the uterus during pregnancy is a severe form of toxicosis at the end of pregnancy, in addition, infections that contribute to the development of inflammatory processes in the genitourinary system or high blood pressure can provoke the onset of a hematoma.

Effect of hematoma in pregnancy

Hematoma during pregnancy can reach large sizes, of course, no signs it is not accompanied. Diagnosis of hematoma in the uterus is possible only with ultrasound. It is clear that the hematoma during pregnancy can not positively affect the health of the future mother and fetus, because the hematoma contributes to the deformation of the uterus, which involuntarily increases blood pressure, while eating the fetus is not changing for the better.

Forms of hematomas

  • Light

  • The medium-heavy

  • Heavy

  • Light form

    The absence of any complaints about the condition indicates a mild form that may not even show up until the very birth - the doctor will understand its existence on the trail on the placenta.

    The medium-heavy form

    With a moderate form of hematoma in the uterus during pregnancy, a woman may feel soreness in the lower abdomen, accompanied by minor bloody discharge. It is clear that such symptoms should alert the woman and force her to visit her gynecologist with complaints. True, medium-heavy hematoma can be present without bleeding, depending on its size and localization. Dangerous middle-aged hematoma during pregnancy is that it contributes to the violation of the child's heartbeat.

    Heavy form

    With a severe form of bruising in the uterus, a woman experiences severe pain, an unconscious condition, low blood pressure, and a discharge.