Hematuria in pregnancy

Future moms, feeling uneasy about the changes taking place in their body, look closely and listen to the processes taking place in connection with the growth of a new life. It is very important that a sensitive and professional gynecologist is present side by side throughout the pregnancy. The specialist will be able to dispel unreasonable fears and focus on the really important manifestations of the processes of restructuring the body for the successful resolution of the most important task in the life of a woman.

One of these manifestations, which cause anxiety in pregnant women, is a change in the color of urine. At once it is necessary to tell, that this change can be caused by set of the reasons, for example the use of some products in food (carrots, a beet, some medicinal preparations). The consequence of the processes of change in the body can be the appearance of blood in the urine, or Hematuria.

There are several types of hematuria: microhematuria and macrohematuria. For microhematuria, the presence of a visible concentration of blood in the urine is absolutely unnecessary, the presence of blood can only show analyzes. Macrogematuria is characterized by a change in the color of urine from pale pink to dark brown in color.

The causes of hematuria can be quite different. By origin, hematuria is differentiated into total, terminal and initial. Symptoms and diseases are also different.

Changes in the posterior part of the urethra are characteristic of the initial hematuria. Her symptoms are detected only in the urine taken from the first portion.

The terminal hematuria is caused by diseases of the prostate and bladder. This variety can be found in the last portion of urine, by painful urination. It is caused by an inflammatory process or the appearance of a tumor (prostatic urethra, cystitis, bladder neck injury).

About the disease of the urinary system can be indicated by total hematuria. Total hematuria is permanent.

It happens that the presence of blood in the urine causes excessive physical exertion and simply trivial overwork. In this situation, treatment can be replaced by rest.

Hematuria with pregnancy may be a consequence of childhood diseases of the genitourinary system, diathesis, blood diseases and injuries. Often, its causes are hormonal changes in women, during fetal growth, at any period of pregnancy, not associated with any diseases. In this case, we can talk about ideopathic hematuria.

The fetus grows, pushes the internal organs of the woman, exerts pressure on the kidneys and urinary tract. There is a rupture of small veins, near the kidney cups, usually in the third trimester of pregnancy. It safely passes after childbirth, but if the symptoms do not disappear, the probability of kidney or urinary tract disease is high. More than one hundred conditions in women can cause hematuria, but do not worry about it, just need timely and proper treatment for normal fetal development, preserving the health of the future mother and preventing the development of infections and pathologies.

In any case, the symptomatology disappears in the treatment of a specific disease that has caused hematuria. Therefore, a correct and timely diagnosis of the disease is very important. Do not put yourself and your baby at risk.