Payment of maternity in Russia in 2014

Payments for pregnancy in 2016 in Russia almost do not differ from payments in 2013.

It is impossible not to say that the amount of payments depends on the wage of the wife, but the scheme for calculating the payments is the same, these calculations are handled by the accountant at the place of work.

On what payments can a woman expect, who will soon become a mother?

One-time payment when registering for up to 12 weeks of pregnancy

All women who find out about their interesting situation need to visit a medical facility and register for pregnancy. It is best to do this for up to twelve weeks, one of the reasons for this is the opportunity to receive a lump sum. To do this, you need to provide a certificate to the accounting department on the early registration. In 2013 a lump sum is 490 rubles 79 kopecks, each year this amount is indexed. Thus, in 2014 a one-time payment for early registration will amount to 515 rubles without a regional coefficient. If the relevant certificate is provided, a one-time payment will be added to the amount of maternity pay.

One-time payment at the birth of a child

This new mum receives this manual after registration of the child's birth certificate. To do this, make a copy of the birth certificate of the baby, take a certificate from the registry office and ask the spouse for a certificate from the work that they did not receive such a benefit. Now with these documents you will have to visit the accounting department at your place of work. A lump sum payment for the birth of a child in 2013 was 13087 rubles 61 kopecks, but thanks to the indexation in 2016 a lump sum allowance for the birth of a child is 13700 rubles.

Payment of maternity

Maternity leave in Russia is 140 calendar days, provided that there is a normal birth and a single pregnancy. In case of complicated birth, postpartum leave is 86 calendar days, and a multiple pregnancy allows a woman to spend 194 days at home.

A woman is credited with an amount equal to the average wage that does not exceed the maximum amount of accrual of insurance contributions.

Until 2013 a woman could choose a method of calculating benefits - one-year or two-year. Of course, preference was given to the method that was most beneficial. Payments for maternity in 2014 are calculated in the only way - by calculating the average salary for the last two years of work. In this case, the days that the woman did not work, subtract. How to calculate payments in Russia? Salary for two years of work is divided into 730 and multiplied by the duration of maternity leave.

One-time pregnancy allowance and childbirth in 2014 in the Russian Federation for the wives of servicemen who are in urgent military service will amount to 21700 rubles.

For women with children, benefits are indexed each year, taking into account inflation. Maternity payments in 2014 are accrued ten days after the required documents have been processed. Receipt of payments is made on the day of the issuance of the salary of the organization.

As for the parent capital in 2014 the amount will be 430000 rubles.