Payments for pregnancy and childbirth in 2014 in Ukraine

The birth of a child today can be considered a luxury, understanding this, the state wishes to help all families who are waiting for the addition. The lump sum payment at the birth of the first child in Ukraine is 29160 hryvnia as of 2013. For the second child in the family, born in the period from January 1 to November 302013 you can count on 58320 hryvnia, on the third - 116640 hryvnia.

And what payments for pregnancy and childbirth in Ukraine are expected in 2014?

There are forecasts that due to indexation, the benefits will be increased by about seven percent.

State benefits, including pregnancy and childbirth, directly depend on the size of the subsistence minimums.

Pregnant blisters in 2014

In early 2014 additional payments to low-income families will also increase - for children from three years for ten years, monthly payments will amount to 180 hryvnia, and from 14 years - 360 hryvnia.

Pregnancy and childbirth allowance in Ukraine in 2014 is assigned in a hundred percent of the wages of women, but it can not be less than 25 percent of the subsistence minimum. The allowance is calculated on the basis of a sick leave or a certificate of incapacity for work, which the expectant mother must receive at the medical institution where she was registered for pregnancy.

Leave before and after pregnancy in Ukraine

A woman is entitled to prenatal leave lasting 70 calendar days, and after childbirth - 56 days. Multiple pregnancy or difficult births increase postnatal leave up to 70 calendar days. Sometimes the vacation can be 180 days - 90 to 90 and after the birth.

Payment of the disability sheet is made by the employer, non-working women, students, private entrepreneurs are provided with another scheme of accrual and payment.

Absolutely all parents have the right to receive a lump sum at the birth of a child. Nothing can deprive the family of this right - neither the type of activity nor the absence of official employment. On this type of state aid can count and students, and entrepreneurs and civil servants, and the unemployed. To receive it, you need to apply to the social protection authorities with an application at the place of residence.

From December 12013 the indexation of payments for the current year is expected.