Allocation of the afterbirth. Methods of highlighting the afterbirth. After the birth of the consecutive

Methods for isolating the sequence.

- Method Abuladze - gentle massage of the uterus to reduce it. Then, with both hands, grasp the anterior abdominal wall in the longitudinal crease and offer the labor part to labor. As a result of a significant increase in intra-abdominal pressure, the last
is produced.
- Method of Genter - the bottom of the uterus to lead to the midline of the abdomen, gentle massage. The rear surfaces of proximal phalanges of the fingers are placed on the bottom of the uterus in the area of ​​its corners and gradually pressed downward and inward. In this method of isolating the postpartum, the maternal child should not thrust

- Method Krede-Lazarevich - the uterus to bring to the middle line, an easy massage to reduce it. Then the bottom of the uterus is covered so that the thumb is on the front wall of the uterus, the palm is on the bottom, and four fingers on the back of the uterus. After that, squeeze the pressure - pressing down to the bottom of the uterus down and forward along the axis of the pelvis and at the same time squeezing the uterus in the anteroposterior direction.

The consecutive period ends with the birth of the after . Litter born due to a thorough examination of the integrity of the placenta and the presence of all shells. To do this, put it on a smooth tray with the mother surface facing up and examine the placenta first, and then the shells to establish their integrity. Pay attention to the degree of remoteness of the membranes from the edge of the placenta. The closer this region is to the edge of the placenta, the lower the placenta in the uterine cavity. The course of the vessels on the fruit side of the placenta is observed. Transition of vessels from the placenta to the cladding may indicate the presence of additional placental lobules and the membrane attachment of them. Also the parts are often delayed in the uterus. They examine the place of attachment of the umbilical cord, measure its length, note the presence of features (real and false nodes, etc.). After examination, it is weighed and probidilyayut the dimensions of the mother surface with a centimeter tape.

After the birth of the afterbirth, the birth canal is carefully inspected by all mothers in labor. Cervix of the uterus, the wall of the vagina, are examined with the help of mirrors. All the ruptures of the soft tissues of the birth canals (perineum, vagina, cervix) are sewed in aseptic conditions under local or general anesthesia.