Miscarriage at an early age. Causes, stages of miscarriage

Miscarriage at an early age is a spontaneous abortion, which happens on a period of up to 12 weeks.

According to statistics during this period, pregnancy is interrupted by every eighth woman.

It happens that with each pregnancy there are two or more miscarriages. This condition is called "habitual miscarriage".

Signs of early miscarriage

The main sign is bloody plentiful discharge, possibly with clots, pains in the lower abdomen as in menstruation. Sometimes these symptoms pass, and pregnancy returns to normal. So there is a threat of miscarriage. Unfortunately, if the miscarriage has begun and the bleeding is strong, it will not be possible to save the child in any way. However, in any case, you should immediately call your doctor. His timely help, of course, will not guarantee a continuation of pregnancy, but may be the only chance for this.

In some cases, signs of an early miscarriage do not appear. Rather, a woman takes the bleeding and characteristic pains for the next month, without knowing about her pregnancy.

The causes of miscarriage

The causes of miscarriages are very different, sometimes it is a whole complex of problems, and sometimes - a complete absence of visible disturbances.

  • At a very early period, miscarriage occurs due to chromosomal abnormalities in the fetus, which are incompatible with life. In this case, nature takes care that no offspring appear so ill.

  • One of the frequent causes of miscarriage at an early stage is hormonal failures. If in an organism of the future mother insufficient quantity of the main hormone of this period - progesterone, there is a serious threat for abortion.

  • Abortions lead to miscarriages. Especially negatively affects the female reproductive function, the interruption of the first pregnancy.

  • Often, miscarriages cause inflammatory diseases of the female sexual sphere, endometriosis, various cysts

  • There is a possibility of miscarriage on the background of trauma (abdominal stroke during a car accident or beating), severe stress, nervous experiences.

  • Pathologies of the development of the uterus, autoimmune diseases also provoke early miscarriages.

  • Another problem - the intense rhythm of a pregnant woman's life, the abuse of caffeine, alcohol, tobacco products.

  • Stages of development of miscarriage at an early stage

    At an early stage of miscarriage passes several stages of development:

  • threatening miscarriage,

  • started abortion,

  • miscarriage in the course,

  • complete and incomplete miscarriage.

  • A threatening miscarriage at an early age is characterized by minor pain in the lower back or lower abdomen, lack or scarcity of discharge. A similar condition with drug support can last up to timely delivery.

    With the onset of miscarriage, all manifestations are much more intense. In addition, there is dizziness, weakness.

    It should be remembered that in these stages, a miscarriage at an early age can still be stopped, keeping the pregnancy, so a woman should urgently go to the doctor and not give up hospitalization.

    The threat of termination of pregnancy is successfully treated with the use of certain hormonal drugs that help to bring pregnancy back to normal. Just for a number of reasons in the body of the mother hormones were produced in insufficient quantities.

    Condition after miscarriage

    Miscarriage in the course and complete miscarriage do not have a back stroke. There should be an abortion of the pregnancy, which in principle has already been interrupted by nature. It can not be reliably determined whether a complete or incomplete miscarriage has occurred. The complete expulsion of the membranes and fetus occurs very rarely, therefore, instrumental scraping of the uterine cavity is practiced. After all, if there are villi shells or at least a piece of the egg, they begin to decompose immediately, forming a medium for the propagation of pathogens. Infection of the uterine membranes or even the development of cancer can occur.

    After miscarriage, the physical recovery of the body occurs in one to two months. Much longer lasts for psychological rehabilitation, especially with long-awaited and desired pregnancy. You can not become isolated in yourself, experiencing despair alone, you have to share your experiences with close people. If after this does not become easier, you should seek psychological help so that such a problem does not lead to prolonged chronic depression.