Opening of the perineum.

In the group of operations, in which the perineal dissection is performed, episio-and perineotomy is attributed. These operations are carried out with the aim of preventing gaps in the perineum and injuring the fetal head, and also in reducing the second stage of labor.

Indications for opening the perineum:

1. The threat of rupture of the perineum or signs of rupture that has begun (even edges of the cut wound heal faster than torn).

2. Hypoxia of the fetus, weakness of labor activity when the fetal head is in the plane of the exit from the pelvis

3. Premature birth (perineotomy reduces the compression of the head with perineal muscles).

4. Abnormal conditions of the perineum (high perineum, cicatricial changes of its perineum, rigid crotch,

Technique of operation: External genital organs are treated with 5% iodine solution.The brunto blunt scissors are forcefully introduced between the fetal part and the vaginal wall The incision is made at the height of the incision, the length and depth of it should be at least 2 cm

In case of episiotomy, the incision is made 2-3 cm above the posterior adhesion in the direction of the ischial hillock. board anus. Its length must not exceed 3-3.5 cm long incision can therefore move in the gap degree perineal III.