The second pregnancy and its planning

Doctors recommend the next pregnancy to be planned no earlier than 2 years after the birth of the child. Regardless of what were the first births, natural or with the help of cesarean section. Bearing a child is a great stress for the body and a serious test for the psyche. And if there was an operative intervention, then 2 years - the minimum "respite". After birth, the hormonal background comes back to normal. Normalized and physiological indicators - the functions of the ovaries, liver, kidneys, pancreas and thyroid gland are restored. Let's talk in the article today about planning the second pregnancy of a woman.

All these organs carried double the load. The uterus, which during pregnancy has increased 60 times, returns to the "pre-pregnancy" state. And, finally, mother, tired after childbirth and the first sleepless nights with the baby, needs time to restore her mental balance. It will take at least a year, and then if the birth was without surgery and my mother does not breast-feed. Most mothers realize the importance of breastfeeding and try to keep the lactation on average for up to a year. Breastfeeding helps reduce the uterus, but by itself, milk production is an energy-consuming process that slows postpartum recovery. Therefore, a nursing woman needs at least two years to return to an antenatal condition.

The maximum interval between births and the planning of the second pregnancy is also determined by the age of the woman. Doctors agree that the optimal period for the birth of children is from 18 to 35 years. At this age, the ability to conceive is high. If in 25 years the fertility is 100%, then by 35 years it decreases to 60-70%, and to 42 to 30-35%. Since the health is usually not added with years of health, liver, kidney and cardiovascular diseases often appear after 35 which increases the probability of pregnancy pathologies, metabolic disorders in the mother - excess weight, kidney disease, hypertension. Warn mums and genetics: After 35 years, the birth of children with genetic abnormalities is more likely. If the future mother has already overcome this age line, it is recommended to do a cordiocentesis - the analysis of umbilical fetal blood in combination with amniocentesis - the capture of amniotic fluid. This will make it possible to diagnose chromosome and some gene disorders, immunological and infectious diseases of the fetus.

If the first pregnancy was prolific, but you want to give birth, do not wait more than two years. According to experts, at the birth of twins, the body does not carry a double load. And if the first pregnancy was taking place with serious complications, for example, the mother had a severe nephropathy, the conception of the second child should not be planned earlier than in 5 years. At this time, you need to take care of yourself, so that the next bearing passed safely. To try to maintain your health as much as possible: to fill the lack of vitamins and minerals after the birth and breastfeeding, to do a biochemical blood test more often, to take vitamin recommended by the doctor or calcium, magnesium, vitamins of group B, E.

Do not try to quickly lose weight, sit on a strict diet, especially when breastfeeding. It is necessary to remember the rules of healthy eating: boiled or stewed meat, fish, more dairy products, fruits and vegetables, less flour and sweet. It is useful to do postnatal gymnastics. A good effect is given by yoga and gymnastics qigong. And let it seems impossible with a small child, but at least five minutes a day should be given relaxation. About the second pregnancy there are many rumors that have no medical justification. Some of them are about the birth of the weather.

Breastfeeding Natural contraception. Get a second pregnancy during the period of feeding is impossible. The physiological readiness of the maternal organism to conceive during the period of feeding is not very high, especially if the breastfeeding is exclusively nursing. But the chance to get pregnant remains, even if menstruation has not yet resumed. It's easier to give birth and bring up the weather. You will hesitate long time - do not dare to the second child.

From a practical point of view, it is true. All the "dowry" for the child is ready, the weather can be brought up as twins, the older child will have a friend for games, "shoot out" faster. But absolutely wrong from a medical point of view. Since the body of a woman has not recovered, the second pregnancy can occur with complications. The probability of interruption is great. If the first pregnancy ended with a caesarean section operation, the seam probably did not completely heal - during the operation multiple layers of tissues were cut and all of them should heal. The second pregnancy and the birth of children rejuvenates a woman.

Yes, "an interesting situation" often goes to a woman for good: the hormonal background is normalized, the condition of the skin, hair, nails and teeth improves. Pregnancy and motherhood really adorn many. Decorate, but do not rejuvenate. During pregnancy and lactation the body works on wear and tear, the loss of useful substances increases. It should be noted that bearing a child for a woman's body is a natural condition and helps maintain the health of the reproductive system.