The second frozen pregnancy and the main causes of frozen pregnancies

Medical calculations show that the greatest vulnerability of the embryo is on the terms from the third to the fourth, from the eighth to the eleventh and from the sixteenth to the eighteenth week.

At this time probability of miscarriage and frozen pregnancy the highest.

During these periods, the vital organs of the unborn child are laid and the most significant changes occur in the mother's body.

The causes of frozen pregnancy

The first culprit of a stunted pregnancy is hormonal disorders

The most significant changes in the first trimester of pregnancy are related to the woman's endocrine system. The development of maternal hormones is dependent on the hormones of the placenta and the fetus. From the very conception in the body of a woman, the number of female sex hormones increases, it is progesterone and estrogen, while it is important that their correct balance is maintained. The second frozen pregnancy can manifest itself at this moment.

For example, one from the hormonal causes of frozen pregnancy and miscarriage is a deficiency of progesterone, which is necessary to ensure that the embryo is firmly "settled" in the uterus. Approximately one fifth of women during pregnancy have a rise in the level of male sex hormones, and this is the probable cause of pregnancy fading.

Such abnormalities can be predicted by examining the hormonal status analyzes of the onset of pregnancy and proceeding to treatment in advance.

The second culprit of a stunted pregnancy is genetic disorders.

Similar defects of the fetus are relatively early and many of them are incompatible with life. Genetic disorders of the embryo inherited from both the mother and the father, although an unsuccessful combination of parental genes is also possible. Doctors believe, if there is a second, third or more frozen pregnancies in a row, it is genetics to blame. However, this is not an absolute truth, other reasons are possible.

The second frozen pregnancy and the opinion of scientists

Many doctors, for example, say that, unfortunately, explain the cause of the second frozen pregnancy with a high degree of probability most often fails. In this case, they claim that if you are planning a pregnancy - be surveyed. You should first cure all infections that are sexually transmitted. Let the hormone tests be performed, if the outcome is positive, take a course of vitamin therapy, rest well, for example, at the spa. Be sure to visit genetics, especially if you have already had a frozen pregnancy, or you expect a double-triplet.

The third culprit of a stunted pregnancy is infection.

During pregnancy, immunity is suppressed. Otherwise, it can not be, because otherwise the mother's body fought against her own child, because half of the genetic information he had is completely different. A strong immune system would immediately react with increased protective reactions, and the baby would have to be hard.

But even here nature has provided everything and protected the child from the attack of antibodies by the placenta and fetal membranes, and on the other hand, the pregnancy hormone actively suppresses the immune reactions from the mother's body. Similarly, the hormones of the placenta, the adrenal glands, the yellow body and the fetus itself work. The baby is protected, and the mother becomes vulnerable to infections.

Therefore, all infectious diseases become aggravated in pregnant women. Harmless flora, gets complete freedom, and its immense breeding brings a lot of problems. This activates the vaginal flora, and there is a possibility of intrauterine infection of the fetus. It is very unfavorable ureaplasmosis, mycoplasmosis, chlamydia and other diseases that are transmitted sexually (gonorrhea, syphilis and others).