How much after the delivery can I put a spiral?

Renew sexual activity after childbirth to young parents is recommended not earlier than 6-8 weeks after childbirth. This is how much postpartum discharge and recovery of internal genitalia after the birth of a baby. Statistics say that 95 percent of women return to sexual life during the second month after childbirth.

Newly-mouthed parents need to think seriously about choosing a method of contraception, unless, of course, the spouses do not want to bring up the children-weather. If a woman is breastfeeding, not all contraceptive methods are suitable, so you need to seek help from a gynecologist.

The intrauterine device is probably the most common contraceptive method for today. This intrauterine contraceptive is located in the uterine cavity and creates a barrier to the implantation of the fetal egg. Put intrauterine spirals doctors are allowed six weeks after the birth. In the case of delivery without complications and no contraindications. After cesarean section intrauterine spirits can be put in half a year after the appearance of the baby in the light.

Pros of the intrauterine device

  • In no way affects lactation, in addition, lactating women feel less pain when injecting a spiral, as well as the risk of side effects below;

  • Does not affect the health of the child;

  • Protects from unwanted pregnancy up to five years.

  • From hormonal contraceptives intrauterine device spiral is less effective.

    Contraindications spiral after childbirth

  • Pathological structure of the uterus, which prevents the normal placement of the intrauterine device;

  • Myoma of the uterus;

  • Frequent inflammatory processes of the genitourinary system;

  • Abundant period;

  • Menstruation, accompanied by severe pain;

  • If there are uterine bleeding.

  • Only a gynecologist can put and remove the intrauterine device. If you put a spiral, do not forget about regular visits to the doctor - every six months, because the spiral can move.