Conducting births according to Tsovyanov. Gluteal and foot prawning. The method of Tsovyanov

The purpose of the method. - maintaining the normal fetal positioning during the period of exile, prepares the birth canal for the passage of the head and prevents the throwing of the fetus's handles behind the head.

When carrying out aid according to Tsovyanov, it is necessary to grab the buttocks, with both hands, placing thumbs on the hips of the fetus, and the rest along the sacrum. This position of the hands of the obstetrician prevents the sagging of the buttocks and the premature fall of the legs. Clutching the hips of the fetus to the stomach, the doctor directs the trunk upwards and gradually moves the arms of the sexual slit, preventing the casting of the fetus's handles. After the birth of the fetus to the corners of the scapula, it is first guided on itself and the corresponding thigh of the parturient (at the first position to the left) to facilitate the birth of the anterior handle, and then somewhat upward and release the rear handle. Simultaneously with the birth of the back handle, the fetal legs usually fall out. This, as a rule, is enough to help in childbirth. The head is born by itself or by the method of Moriso-Levre.

Conduction of labor during leg presentation by the method of Tsovyanov

In the case of leg presentation, Tsovyanov's method is also used, which aims to prevent the birth of the legs until the cervix is ​​fully opened. It is carried out in the following way: the genital cleft is covered with a sterile diaper and the palm of the right hand prevents the premature birth of the legs through it. The fruit seems to sit "squatting", expanding the delivery canal. After the onset of a full opening, when the buttocks of the fetus have lowered to the pelvic floor, it is necessary to stop the resistance and continue to give birth as in the breech presentation.