Management of the postpartum period

In the case of a normal course of the postpartum period, the woman in childbirth should be considered a healthy woman . However, it requires a regime that promotes the correct involution of the genital organs, the healing of wound surfaces and the normalization of the function of all organs and systems.

For the first two hours, the woman in childbirth is in the delivery room, where the status of the uterus is controlled, the number of secretions from the genital tract, and the control of hemodynamics. To prevent bleeding, all women in labor should have a catheterization of the bladder, external massage of the uterus, cold on the lower abdomen. Women with large fetuses, multicomponies, polyhydramnios, multiparic, primiparous older age, are medicated prophylaxis of hypotonic bleeding by introducing uterotonic drugs (oxytocin, methylergometrine, ergotal, ergotamine).

Two hours after birth, the woman is transferred to the postpartum department, where she is monitored for the condition of the mother and the postpartum period.