Cowberry with pregnancy

Modern young women, who are preparing to become a mother, fully understand - how important it is to take care of one's health so that the future baby is born strong and healthy. And it is not surprising that the Internet is packed with articles about how and what they should eat. Let's talk about one unusual berry - cowberry, which can bring not only pleasure from its taste, but also a considerable benefit for both the future mother and her long-awaited baby.

What is the use of cowberry in pregnancy

Cowberry can be called a pure vitamin - it is so rich in a variety of vitamins that can almost completely fill the vitamin deficiency in pregnant women. In cranberries, a lot of vitamin C, which performs the most important antioxidant functions, regulates the oxidation-reduction processes and supports immunity. Also in cowberries, there is carotene: even in ordinary carrots is not so much carotene as there are in cowberries.

But the main advantage of cranberries when used during pregnancy is - in that this berry perfectly copes with edema, which are so characteristic of pregnant women and appear in almost all expectant mothers after 30 weeks. Cowberry is an excellent diuretic.

In addition, it is recommended that cowberries be drunk to a future mother in the event that she has a cold or is ill with an acute respiratory disease, since cranberry juice can reduce heat, restore and enhance the defenses of a weakened organism.

How to eat cranberries during pregnancy?

Before you start eating cranberries, a pregnant woman should first consult with her gynecologist. If there are no contraindications, you can quickly master the simple prescription for preparing a vitamin drink and vitamin salad.

Decoction of cowberry leaves is prepared as follows. Crushed cowberry leaves need to pour boiling water - 2 tablespoons of leaves on a glass of boiling water. Next, you must warm up the broth in a water bath for 30 minutes, then remove, cool and drain. Drink a day for several tablespoons.

Salad from berries cranberries. A glass of berries, one spoonful of honey, grated carrots, beets, turnip - season with sour cream. Vitamin salad is ready.