Fast miscarriage

In obstetrical practice, the number one problem is the problem of a rapid miscarriage - spontaneous termination of pregnancy in the early stages. According to statistics, every fourth pregnancy ends with such a miscarriage. Therefore, as soon as the slightest suspicion arose, you should immediately go to a women's consultation, without waiting for the actual miscarriage to begin.

The causes of miscarriage

The key cause of early miscarriage is the genetic changes in the woman's body. There is a hypothesis that, if the fetus has any genetic defect, the body itself gets rid of it.

In addition, the causes of rapid miscarriages are changes in the body of the most pregnant:

  • infectious diseases of the reproductive system of a woman,

  • hormonal problems of both parents,

  • problems of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems,

  • unhealthy ecology,

  • bad habits,

  • malnutrition,

  • excessive physical activity,

  • overdose of medicines,

  • abortion.

  • Symptoms of

    The first signal is discomfort due to pain in the lower abdomen. The pain can be weak, and strong, can be accompanied by spasms. It is at this point you need to call an ambulance or, even more quickly, a taxi. The beginning bleeding already means the beginning of a miscarriage. If you call a doctor quickly, there is a chance to save your pregnancy.

    Whether to consider early termination of pregnancy a miscarriage

    In itself, the fact of termination of pregnancy at a very early period is quite often. Strictly speaking, in this case, one can only say that fertilization has not occurred, and it is not necessary to speak of a full miscarriage. Rather, it is a question of an unsuccessful attempt to become pregnant.

    Whatever happens, remember: miscarriage is not a verdict at all, and there is no reason to fear future infertility. Miscarriage is more likely a signal about deviations in health, so the next time before you get pregnant, you must necessarily conduct a survey, as far as possible get rid of bad habits, to establish a healthy lifestyle.