Is it painful to put a spiral?

Ways and methods of protection from unwanted pregnancy in a modern woman is quite a lot, some of them are more reliable, some less. Among them, the IUD, the intrauterine device, deserves special attention. It is painful to put a spiral - this is exactly what will be discussed here.

As for the use of the intrauterine device, many controversies have been and are being conducted, however, most women prefer this type of contraception. This is due, first of all, to the fact that unlike oral contraceptives, which include hormones, the spiral does not affect the state of the hormonal background of the woman's body, and it is impossible to gain weight from it. Secondly, the spiral is usually placed for a long time, which relieves of constant anxiety about - became pregnant, did not become pregnant. Third, the risk of becoming pregnant is minimized if this is a truly qualitative spiral. Another thing is that even with spirals, women manage to become pregnant - the spiral can move under the influence of various factors, but this is quite rare.

Now as to "painfully-it does not hurt". In principle, such concepts in our time regarding any operational procedures are gradually dying out, as modern methods of therapy almost always use methods of anesthesia. Of course, it is unlikely that a doctor will use anesthesia to establish a spiral, but there are many other ways to anesthetize! For example, a special vaginal gel acting locally-locally - it freezes the cervix, and the doctor places the spiral in it completely painless for the woman.

However, we must admit that the definition of "completely painless" is not entirely true, since pain and discomfort for different people are different sensations. The degree of discomfort and soreness is very individual, and what for some does not hurt at all, for others it is a significant pain. And yet we can definitely say that in all forums women converge in one: the sensation when establishing a spiral is similar to the sensations during menstruation - pulling sensations in the lower abdomen . And how much they are painful - it depends only on the woman herself and the threshold of her sensitivity.

You should also pay attention to the fact that pain may appear after the spiral placement, but this depends more on the professionalism of the doctor doing the procedure and the quality of the inserted spiral. And so it is worth to listen to the advice - do not save on a spiral and seriously approach the issue of choosing a specialist.

A small addition. Some women argue that the spiral should not be put at all, arguing that the spiral has the property to grow with time, fall out, move, and sometimes the temperature rises, inflammation begins, etc. But this is the opinion of individual women, and opinions are different.