Hospital payments after the decree: calculation

The calculation of hospital payments for temporary incapacity for work after the release of a woman from maternity leave is no different from any other case.

To determine them you need to know:

  • average daily wage,

  • amount of insurance length,

  • number of days (hours) to be paid.

  • Determination of the average daily wage

    The calculation period for which the average wage is calculated is six last calendar months before the month of illness.

    In calculating the average wage, payments included in the wage fund (basic and supplementary wages, compensations and incentive payments) are taken into account, from which a single social contribution and a personal income tax have been paid, and not exceeding the limit of earnings from which insurance contributions to the Social Insurance Fund (FSS).

    Since the woman after the decree did not work for a reasonable period for a valid reason (maternity leave, childcare for up to 3 or 6 years), the calculation of the average earnings takes into account the redemption determined in such a month in proportion to the worked time.

    The average daily salary for payments on the sick leave is determined by dividing the calculated for the calculated period of time of earnings, from which the insurance contributions were paid, by the number of days worked in the calculation period.

    Determination of the amount of insurance

    For the period of insurance, the work experience that the employee had during her working life until February 282001 and the length of service since February 282001 - during the period of payment of insurance premiums to the FSS are equated to the length of service. If there is an insurance period of less than 5 years, the woman will be paid a temporary disability allowance, which will be 60% of the average wage. With the amount of insurance experience from 5 to 8 years, the amount of such benefits will be 80%, more than 8 years - 100%. The average earnings of 100% regardless of the length of service will be paid to a woman who suffered during the Chernobyl disaster (category 1-4) in case of illness or nursing a sick child under 14 years of age.

    FSS on temporary disability determined the confirmation of the insurance period of the employee before 01012011 with the certificates of wages with which the FSS paid insurance premiums from previous jobs and the availability of documents confirming the periods when insurance premiums were not paid but were counted in the insurance experience.

    Number of days of temporary incapacity for work

    For the determination of hospital payments, the number of days of temporary incapacity for work is determined, since for the period of illness only working days are paid, excluding from the total number of calendar days of the calculation period the days off and holidays.