The coccyx hurts during pregnancy: the main causes are

Often, future mothers complain that they have a coccyx. Why is this happening? This can be directly related to the preparation of the female body for childbirth. At the same time, there is some deviation of the coccyx back, which ensures the successful opening of the birth canal.

Possible causes of pain

  • To hurt a coccyx during pregnancy can be due to injury. It can be either fresh or old trauma. Pain in the joints, herniated intervertebral discs, displacement and subluxation of the coccyx - all this can contribute to the appearance of painful sensations in the coccyx during pregnancy.

  • Often the coccyx hurts during pregnancy because of prolonged sitting. In this case, to eliminate pain in the coccyx, it is necessary to replace the stool with a stiffer one and perform simple physical exercises.

  • Stress and depression can adversely affect the spine, and cause pain in the coccyx.

  • If, together with pain in the coccyx, a woman feels pain in the lower abdomen, this can signal the presence of diseases of the pelvic organs.

  • Pinched nerve endings can be another natural reason why a woman in a position feels painful sensations in the coccyx. The pain is characterized by its intensity and burning.

  • During pregnancy, an increase in the uterus is observed, which can lead to a tightening of the ligaments in the pelvic bones, in the sacrum, in the coccyx.

  • The threat of termination of pregnancy can be associated with the occurrence of pain in the coccyx.

  • Deficiency in the female body of elements such as calcium or magnesium, can cause pain in the coccyx.

  • The deposition of salts, inflammatory processes can also become the cause of complaints of pregnant women.

  • Diseases of the spine, intestines, surgery, crotch, heavy previous birth, large fetus, constipation - all these factors can contribute to the appearance of such trouble as pain in the coccyx during pregnancy.

  • Pregnancy is a big burden on the spine, so you need to regret your body and refrain from high physical exertion, otherwise the pain in the coccyx will not go away with the birth, but will continue to disturb you for a long time after childbirth. If you do not pay attention to the pain in the coccyx, then the next pregnancy for you can turn into a real torture. So watch your health, when you have anxious symptoms, always contact your gynecologist.