Pain in the abdomen with early pregnancy

During the entire pregnancy a woman has to suffer different conditions. Cases when a woman's entire pregnancy feels good and even excellent, are quite rare, especially in the current unfavorable environmental situation. Nevertheless, every pregnant woman should know firmly that abdominal pain, especially in the early stages, is a pathology, in which case it is necessary to sound an alarm and take action.

Possible causes of abdominal pain

Of course, abdominal pain may not have particularly serious causes. The gynecologist to whom the woman should address, can explain not clear phenomena. For example, if a pregnant woman feels unpleasant pulling or even strong and sharp pains in the early stages of pregnancy, this may simply mean physiological changes, occurring in the body. Bunches under the influence of growing hormones soften, the location of internal organs in the abdominal cavity varies, hence the pain.

In addition, a woman who has before pregnancy painful menstruation, may experience early discomfort, it is also considered a natural phenomenon.

At the very beginning of pregnancy there may be Implantation pain, when on 7-8 days a fertilized egg is attached to the walls of the uterus. It is at this time there may be aching pains - a fetal egg is implanted in the endometrium. There are also small bloody discharge.

In the first three months of pregnancy, some feel pain in the ovaries. This is due to the process. formation of the cyst of the yellow body, which arises at the site of the fetal follicle. Then the cyst after the occurred conception increases. Its main task is the production of the hormone progesterone for the normal course of pregnancy. Having reached a large size, the cyst can stretch the capsule of the ovary, which gives pain in the lower abdomen. All these are normal phenomena, they do not cause fear.

However, abdominal pain during pregnancy can also talk about problems that have arisen. The pain can be, for example, a sign of an ectopic pregnancy or indicate a threat of abortion . Often to indicate their condition, pregnant women use the phrase "stony belly". In such cases, there is a state in which the uterus enters the hypertonus. The abdomen becomes hard, stone. This can happen due to a decrease in the production of the most important hormone of pregnancy - progesterone. Such cases are considered critical and require immediate assistance.

What if I have a pain in my stomach?

The first thing to do is get a consultation from a gynecologist. Sitting and waiting, when everything is settled, and the pain is gone, you can not in any case! So you risk missing the threat of miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy.

Gynecologist in such cases recommends bed rest or inpatient treatment. There should be no physical or emotional overload. Typically, the doctor appoints No-shpa, magnesium, Riabal. Do not neglect the doctor's recommendation to lie in a hospital - this is the best way to protect yourself from undesirable loads and stay under the supervision of a specialist.

Development of the embryo is controlled starting from the fifth week of pregnancy: the doctor makes abdominal measurements - the size of it should correspond to certain norms of this period. If the size of the abdomen does not correspond to the norms, the doctor recommends the passage of an ultrasound examination to clarify the timing and identify violations during pregnancy.