Hospital by pregnancy and childbirth according to the law of Ukraine

According to the legislation of Ukraine, a woman is given a list of disability for pregnancy and childbirth, which is issued at the health facility at the place of observation of the pregnant woman from the 30th week of pregnancy. In general, the length of the sick leave sheet is 3-3r33. 126 calendar days :

  • of them until delivery, 70 days,

  • after giving birth - 56 days.

  • If a woman gave birth to more than one child, the birth took place before 37 weeks of pregnancy, as well as with complicated birth or complicated postpartum period, according to the doctor's decision, another 14 days are added to the postpartum period. In this case, the total length of stay on the sick leave sheet is 140 calendar days - 70 days before and after childbirth. An additional sick leave sheet for 14 calendar days is issued on the basis of a record in the pregnant card and the history of childbirth, certified by the signature of the head physician and the seal of the institution where the delivery occurred. His issue is made at the place of observation of the pregnant woman.

    The maternity leave sheet for pregnancy and childbirth should be provided in full regardless of when the birth occurred. If the future mother left at 30 weeks for a sick leave, and then in 20 days gave birth, the vacation period will be as many days as would be appropriate for complicated deliveries on time, that is, 120 more days.

    All days that have not been expended before delivery, are postponed to the post-natal period.

    Benefits for pregnant women

    If a pregnant woman is in the 1-4 categories of people affected by the Chernobyl accident, she is entitled to a sick leave for 180 days - 90 days before and after childbirth.

    All considered norms concern pregnant women who before the date of birth were registered with a women's consultation or other medical institutions. If a woman was not registered before the day of delivery, she is entitled to a sheet of incapacity for work from the date of delivery. At usual sorts - for 56 days, complicated and premature birth or birth of more than one child - for 70 days, as a victim of the accident at the Chernobyl NPP 1-4 categories - for 90 days after birth.

    If a woman gave birth to a child before 30 weeks of pregnancy and was discharged with a live child, she is given a sick leave sheet for 140 calendar days. In case the child did not survive, the sick leave sheet has a duration of 70 calendar days. And in that, and in another case, the hospital sheet issues the hospital, where the birth occurred.

    If a pregnant woman is on leave to care for another child before reaching the age of three, she receives a sickness sheet for pregnancy and childbirth on general grounds.

    A woman is given leave to take care of her child on a common basis from the day of the discharge of the sick leave, if she is on any other leave. The remaining days will be provided to her later.

    On the basis of the sick leave sheet, the payment of maternity benefits is made. It is paid to everyone without exception, but in the decree the woman should not work - the legislation does not provide for the simultaneous payment of benefits and wages. The "tax" money is set at 2%.