Back pain during pregnancy: causes, symptoms, prevention

Pregnancy is nine months of careful health care, not just about one's own. Everyone knows that during the forty weeks of bearing a child a woman can face various kinds of problems that can make a negative and inconvenience to the life of a pregnant woman. So, for example, back pain during pregnancy is quite common, perhaps every third expectant mother faces a similar problem.

Causes of back pain

Important role played by hormones. Under their influence, muscles, joints, ligaments relax, this time, secondly, a woman gaining weight - this is the norm, but for the back there is a significant load, and thirdly, the future mother willy-nilly begins to stoop. These are only three factors contributing to the appearance of low back pain during pregnancy, however, this is far from all possible causes. What else can provoke pain in the lumbar region of a future mother? Forgotten traumas can again remind oneself of pregnancy:

  • uncomfortable chair,

  • incorrect posture during sleep,

  • large fruit,

  • preparation of the organism for childbirth,

  • complex births in the past,

  • experienced problems with the spine during pregnancy only increase.

  • Prevention of low back pain during pregnancy

  • Always try to keep your back exactly

  • Do not sit long

  • Walk in the fresh air

  • In the supine position, put a pillow under the waist

  • At night, sleep on the side

  • Do not lift anything heavier than a
  • handbag.
  • Do not overload yourself with household chores

  • Perform exercises for pregnant women

  • Wear comfortable shoes

  • Do not cross legs

  • Correctly eat

  • Do not sit for a long time in the toilet

  • Take the vitamins prescribed by the doctor

  • Wear a bandage

  • If you sit, lean on the back of the chair

  • For sleep use an orthopedic mattress and pillow

  • To relieve the pain that has already appeared in the lower back during pregnancy, take calcium preparations, ask your wife to massage the loin area lightly.

    If pain in the lower back during pregnancy accompanied by headache, swelling, fever, urine darkens, then there may be pyelonephritis.

    If the pain is severe paroxysmal, gives into the groin area, then the cause may be renal colic, the presence of kidney stones.

    Training fights

    If back pain during pregnancy is accompanied by pain in the lower abdomen, this is most likely due to pregnancy and is the norm. Such pain can appear from the 36th week of pregnancy, while the pain is cramping. These pains are called training fights. Be careful if this phenomenon occurs before 36 weeks, low back pain is accompanied by secretions, and also becomes more frequent, contact a gynecologist or call an ambulance, as there may be a threat of premature birth.