Pregnancy after medical abortion. Can you then become pregnant

Planning pregnancy after any abortion is ineffective without consulting a gynecologist, since a specialized course of endometrial treatment should be assigned. One month before the planning of pregnancy, you need to start the course of taking folic acid.

With any method of abortion, the reproductive function of a woman is more or less exhausted. The World Health Organization considers medical abortion to be the least dangerous way of aborting pregnancy, but hormonal imbalances, incomplete ejection of the fetal egg and can manifest here.

However, medical abortion can be used only at a short time - not more than a week, an experienced physician should advise a woman on an alternative method of abortion, more appropriate for the period. This approach is important, since the administration of the preparations of mifegin and mifepristoneanet in itself a risk-affecting influence on the developing organism, influencing the development of all kinds of vices.

When you can get pregnant after abortion

With low probability, but Pregnancy after medical abortion can begin in two or three weeks. In connection with this, after the procedure of abortion, special attention should be given to optimal methods of contraception, with the participation of a physician. This is an important point, because To become pregnant after medical abortion reasonably no earlier than six months after taking medications for medical abortion.

Pregnancy after medical abortion, according to statistics, is more successful than pregnancy after surgical intervention. With medical abortion, the cervix does not get injured by metal expanders and other instruments used in instrumental abortion, this is the key to maintaining its shutoff function. The procedure for medical abortion has fewer traumatic consequences for the walls of the uterus than for instrumental abortion and vacuum aspiration. It is the injuries of the walls and cervix of the uterus that lead to the inferiority of its mucous membrane, which results in difficulties with attachment of the fetal egg and defects in the formation of the placenta.

Thus, if pregnancy can not be maintained, it is necessary to tend to medical abortion, but with a small period of opportunity for its realization, a woman who has decided to terminate pregnancy should contact the medical institution without delay.