Pregnancy after spiral removal

Spiral in the uterine cavity - one of the long-known and tried methods of protection from unwanted pregnancy. This method is very popular, since the probability of getting pregnant is very small (although, for the sake of justice, it should be said that pregnancy cases with the existing spiral in the uterus are, but this is a separate conversation). If you are planning a pregnancy, you need to know - how and when you can remove the spiral, after what time you can make a conception.

After removal of the intrauterine device, pregnancy may occur after a few weeks. Doctors-gynecologists usually recommend using a condom within three months if there are no complications. This is necessary in order to allow the uterus to recover and begin to function normally independently. After all, the uterus during the wearing of the spiral has become accustomed to the systematic interruption of the act of conception, and if you try to conceive immediately after the removal of the spiral, you may have a miscarriage. A faster recovery of the uterus can be facilitated by drugs that the gynecologist must prescribe.

Renewal of sexual life after removal of the intrauterine device should be no earlier than a week or two - it depends on whether the spiral has been successfully removed (with the scraping of the spiral these terms can increase). This is best discussed with the doctor.

Pregnancy after the removal of the spiral in most cases occurs in women for one year. If it's been six months already, and the pregnancy has not come, you should visit a gynecologist. The doctor will send for examination, will have to pass some tests to exclude or treat possible gynecological problems that prevent conception.

Women should be prepared for the fact that the first months after removal of the intrauterine device may be poor or, conversely, plentiful. Any changes and abnormalities in the body should be monitored and reported to the doctor. You need to talk about what you think is a trifle, since it's trifles sometimes play a very important role in preparing the uterus for the upcoming pregnancy.

If pregnancy is desired immediately after the removal of the spiral, then the first four to six cycles should be protected in other ways. This is necessary to ensure that your body is gradually unaccustomed to the habit of rejecting a fertilized egg after the spiral has been worn.

Remember: that after the removal of the spiral there were no complications, it should not be introduced against the background of inflammation of the appendages!