Pregnancy after a stiff pregnancy

Frozen pregnancy - this is a huge tragedy in the life of a woman, leading to a severe psychological crisis and imminent depression, from which it is necessary to get out with the help of a psychologist, and sometimes with the help of sedatives or even tranquilizers.

But even after professional help provided by a psychologist, women can not get rid of fears and feelings of guilt, and this is especially evident during the next pregnancy.

What should a future mother know?

  • The most important is the realization that the woman has no fault in the tragedy that has occurred. It can not significantly affect the preservation of the fetus, and it is simply impossible to eliminate all the risk factors. The causes of frozen pregnancy can be, for example, a stressful situation, a genetic error or a hormonal failure, so you do not need to blame yourself for anything.

  • At least 6 months of the next pregnancy is better not to think, but to direct all the forces to restore the body, bringing yourself into a psychologically stable state. It is best to focus on improving and strengthening the body, psychological rehabilitation. Often, women who survive a dead pregnancy, have a desire to become pregnant as soon as possible, no matter what. However, one should not hurry, the body and one's psyche should be restored, otherwise there is a risk of undermining health, or aggravating the already unstable psychological state.

  • To plan a new pregnancy after pregnancy frozen should be taken very seriously. Both the husband and the wife undergo a complete examination: it is necessary to pass tests for sex hormones, the content of thyroid hormones in the blood, the detection of latent sexual infections, and chromosome analysis is also required, which will reveal whether a genetic disorder that provokes pregnancy fading is transmitted from the parents. If an infection or a hormonal disorder has been identified, it is necessary to be treated, and only then to plan a pregnancy. Consultations with the endocrinologist, geneticist, immunologist, and her husband - with a urologist are necessary. To plan pregnancy is best together with the doctor, remembering that both partners need to eat balanced, do not forget about vitamins, completely give up alcohol and smoking. A very important point is the strict observance of the prescriptions of the doctor.

  • Throughout pregnancy, regular tests, examinations, ultrasound are needed. Very important are medical consultations. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Any symptoms that a woman deems alarming are an occasion for examination, consultation and ultrasound.

  • It is necessary to avoid stress, to protect yourself and your own nerves. A woman needs positive things, so you do not need to watch the news, if possible, stop talking to people who have a negative impact on mood, self-esteem and self-esteem, unsubscribe from negative public relations. More bright and joyful, that's what you need - watching comedies and cartoons, reading positive and funny blogs, rereading fairy tales from childhood, in general doing what brings pleasure and more rest.

  • It is important to know that one of the possible causes of frozen pregnancy is weight lifting in the early stages, and refrain from such!

  • A woman who survived a frozen pregnancy needs her husband's support. We need to go with him to the gynecologist, let him also know the reasons for the emotional instability and vulnerability of his wife. The spouse must understand her condition and be ready at any moment to support his wife. After all, her suspiciousness and anxiety arose not just from scratch and her husband's task is to remember that the course and outcome of pregnancy largely depend on the woman's psychological well-being and surround her with love and care.

  • Frozen pregnancy - this is not a verdict, and a woman after the tragedy has every chance to give birth to a healthy baby, so you need to remember this. You can choose a gynecologist to whom you trust, and, with professional support, plan the next pregnancy. The main thing is not to rush, and try to keep a positive attitude.