Is it possible for pregnant women to consume nonalcoholic beer without harming the child

The statement about the absence of alcohol in non-alcoholic beer not quite right. Alcohol in it is present in small, in comparison with usual beer, quantities (05-15%). But even such a meager percentage should alert the future mother. Unlike the adult organism, for which this amount of alcohol will not have any effect, the body of the child is much less protected. But all the useful and harmful substances between mother and child are divided in half.

Can a non-alcoholic beer be pregnant?

Non-alcoholic beer in its composition is identical to ordinary beer, with all useful and harmful substances. In non-alcoholic beer, cobalt, which has a toxic effect and causes inflammation of the esophagus and stomach, and the weakening of the heart muscle, is used as a foam stabilizer. Non-alcoholic beer has a sufficiently long shelf life, which is associated with preservatives that are added to it. For the latter reason, it is not worth drinking even for a pregnant woman. Any nonalcoholic beer with pregnancy produces a diuretic effect, which in fact a pregnant woman does not need. Under beer, even this, pulls on salted - fish, chips, crackers, and this is also a future mother, to no avail, especially in later terms, because salt retains fluid in the body, contributing to the appearance of edema. Those who have problems with the kidneys or are prone to swelling, beer is in principle contraindicated.

The opinion of scientists about the use of beer during pregnancy

Scientists have not yet confirmed unequivocally, brings nonalcoholic beer harm or benefit. In this situation, you must rely on yourself. Do not listen to those who claim that if the future mother wants something to drink or eat, then this must be done - that means the body lacks the beneficial substances that are in this product and the body requires. As for beer, they are vitamins of group B. Their deficiency can be compensated by other, really useful products. The complex of vitamins B is found in the liver, eggs, fish, meat, buckwheat and oatmeal, wholemeal bread, cottage cheese and cheese, green vegetables and fruits, brewer's yeast and many other products. Maybe, from 50 milliliters of nonalcoholic beer nothing will happen, but whether it is necessary to expose even the minimal risk to the health of an unborn child.