Safe days to not get pregnant. When you can not get pregnant

Yes there are such days, but it is not so easy to calculate them. Even a "calendar contraceptive method" has been developed, which, however, is justified for 25-35 year old women with an established and regular cycle. For other categories, following this technique is associated with an increased risk of becoming pregnant.

The development of an individual "contraceptive calendar" consists in measuring the basal body temperature, in the oral cavity, in the vagina and in the rectum, and these measurements must be carefully fixed. In addition, observations of cervical mucus are mandatory. For the application of this method, self-discipline is very important, scrupulousness, consisting in the daily careful keeping of the diary.

The stock of eggs in a woman is limited, for a month only one ripens, from strength two out of the ovaries around the middle of the cycle, and the ability to fertilize is preserved for no more than two days. And the meaning of the contraceptive calendar in the calculation of these seven days. In other days, the risk of getting pregnant is significantly reduced. Hence, the female cycle is divided into "dangerous days" and "safe days", forgetting, however, to add the word "conditionally".

How to calculate safe days

To calculate "safe days" by a rhythmic method it is possible with the help of the reasoning that if a woman's cycle is approximately the same, the ovulation of the egg happens two weeks before the next menstruation.

The method of determining the basal temperature, which should be measured every morning, lying in bed, and fix in a notebook. For a couple of days before the ovulation of the egg, it increases by 0.2-04 0 C.

The method of monitoring the change in cervical mucus, which changes before ovulation. Its quantity grows, it becomes so dense and transparent, reminiscent of the protein of a raw egg. Wiping this mucus between the index and thumbs, and pushing them apart, noticeably stretching the mucus, is also like a squirrel.

It is most accurate to act by a combined method, taking into account the results of all the above three methods with careful record keeping.

The drawback of the calculation is

The main disadvantage of calculating safe days is a high probability of error, which can be 50%. In addition, both partners should participate in this method, and a woman should not forget about daily records.

You can use this method of contraception only after three months of your body's research.

In the first vezemenstrualnogo cycle should always use "interrupted sexual intercourse."

When vaginal infection is extremely difficult to determine the state of the cervical fluid.