Basal temperature in pregnancy before the delay

The female organism, although it is still a mystery with seven seals, nevertheless slightly opened the veil so that if we could not regulate, at least help ourselves in the implementation of any plans and hopes. These plans include planning for pregnancy.

Every woman who decided to have a baby starts certain activities. And among them the everyday measurement of the basal body temperature is not the last. Basically, the measurement of basal temperature helps not only those who decided to have a child, but also those who just do not want it, because basal temperature during pregnancy before the delay - this is also a kind of method of contraception. [/i]

So, what should a woman do, setting her own goals and what can the basal temperature indicators help in this?

Throughout the cycle of sexually mature women, various processes are constantly occurring. After all, a woman is created by nature to reproduce their own kind. Therefore, all processes are associated with the maturation and fertilization or infertility of the matured egg. Among other processes and conditions inherent in a woman during the menstrual cycle, changes occur with the basal body temperature, which are not expressed externally. But if a woman keeps a graph of temperature changes, all the changes on it are visible.

Basal temperature during pregnancy before the delay

The process of release of the egg from the follicle is marked by an increase in basal temperature by a few tenths of a degree - from 36.6 to 37-37.2. This is the moment of ovulation, the most favorable for conception. The temperature rises due to a change in the level of progesterone - a hormone, which creates conditions for the development of the egg. If the basal temperature continues to hold at around 37.2-37.4 - most likely, the woman has become pregnant. If the pregnancy does not occur, the temperature drops about 1-2 days before the start of the next menstrual cycle. [i]

Measure the basal temperature during pregnancy before the delay you need every morning and preferably at the same time, and without getting out of bed. Use the same thermometer for greater accuracy. Insert the thermometer into the rectum for 10 minutes. Night sleep should be long and calm. After the last sexual intercourse, at least 4 hours must pass. A woman should be completely healthy, without the residue of alcohol in the blood or sleeping pills.

If you are pregnant, make sure that the basal temperature does not drop below 37 degrees. If you notice such a decrease, do not postpone the visit to the doctor, because this may be an indicator of a possible termination of pregnancy - miscarriage or pregnancy fading.