Ascorbic acid during pregnancy. How often to take

Observations show that with a vitamin C deficiency in a pregnant woman, the mother still continues to supply enough vitamin to the fetus, with a deficiency in the pregnant woman herself.

But, when a significant is felt. insufficiency of ascorbic acid in the body of a future mother, there is a possibility of developing a fetal growth retardation syndrome.

To avoid this, you should take foods containing vitamin C, as well as multivitamin preparations, then these troubles can be easily circumvented.

Doses of ascorbic acid during pregnancy

The minimum required dose in ascorbic acid in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy is about sixty milligrams.

But everything is good in moderation. Ascorbic acid penetrates the placental barrier, and the fetus has the ability to adapt to high doses of ascorbic acid taken by a pregnant woman, and then the newborn has a risk of developing ascorbic disease in the form of a cancelation reaction. Therefore, in pregnancy, you can not take ascorbic acid more than necessary, the exception is the circumstances under which the expected benefit exceeds the potential risk.

Ascorbic acid and its properties

Ascorbic acid in pregnancy has the property of detoxifying toxins and many poisonous substances in the body. These include lead, benzene, cyanides, arsenic compounds and other elements present in the city, and especially in the plant region. Vitamin C also removes bad cholesterol. Ascorbic acid promotes and works other vitamins, for example, active forms of vitamin D are produced only under the influence of ascorbic acid, and if it is not enough, this process is distorted. Vitamin C promotes the assimilation of iron, this is a very important and necessary property of it.

For young women, it is very important that vitamin C initiates the natural production of collagen and elastin. This is a powerful prophylaxis of the striae, or stretch marks, it is the elasticity of the muscular tissues (which is already important for the child at birth), this is the minimal danger of bleeding in childbirth and in general, it is an easier birth with fewer complications.

However, the maximum daily dosage of ascorbic acid should not exceed two grams, do not forget about it.