Is it possible to use activated charcoal for pregnant women and is not dangerous

During pregnancy, many women have problems with the digestive tract. This is due to the squeezing of the enlarged uterus digestive organs, as well as the influence of hormones. A whether activated charcoal can be given to pregnant women ?

In pregnancy, the cause of digestive disorders lies in the female sex hormone progesterone, which during this period is produced in large quantities. Its physiological purpose is to suppress active contractions of the uterine muscles, thus protecting the fetus from premature birth. Like any hormone, progesterone is delivered to the uterus through the blood. The muscles of the stomach and intestine, located next to the uterus, also feel its effect, which is why women suffer from heartburn and constipation. This leads to intestinal colic, disruption of digestion, bloating.

The use of activated charcoal in pregnancy

Activated carbon is a porous adsorbent of carbon origin. With its surface, it absorbs various substances that are subsequently excreted from the body. Activated charcoal in the intestine is not absorbed, which means it does not enter the bloodstream and does not enter the baby through the placenta. If the pregnant woman has constipation, sensations of abdominal pain and his swelling, it is not worth taking activated charcoal, since it can strengthen constipation. With constipation, activated charcoal is dangerous because of intestinal obstruction.

Activated charcoal for pregnant women, If the woman:

  • prone to diarrhea, increased gassing,

  • has an unstable stool,

  • then you can use activated charcoal. The doctor appoints him a short-term course, as his prolonged use can adversely affect the body. After all, coal absorbs all substances, including vitamins and trace elements. Activated charcoal is better to take, pre-grinded, in half a glass of water. After taking vitamins, a time interval of at least two hours is required, otherwise their effect will be neutralized. After a course of activated charcoal, you should take probiotics to restore the volume of natural microflora.

    As with all tablets during pregnancy, it is necessary to resort to coal in rare cases, when the need really arises.