Yoga for beginners: yoga for pregnant women, stretching exercises for pregnant women

Pregnancy is a natural process for the continuation of the human race. However, no one promised that it would be an easy walk. Most women suffer a number of discomforts and difficulties during pregnancy. And many inconveniences can be solved with the help of yoga for pregnant women . Carrying out the baby, the expectant mother faces such things as back pain, constipation, hemorrhoids, fatigue, headaches, heartburn, mood swings, seizures, nausea and vomiting, nosebleeds, varicose veins, leg edema, shortness of breath and stretch marks.

It's no secret that during pregnancy a woman experiences fears and stress, as well as with other emotional stresses, usually associated with pregnancy and childbirth. How can you prepare the body for such a process as childbirth, so that this event will become joyful and unforgettable, and pregnancy was easy?

Pregnancy and exercise are not mutually exclusive. In fact, properly selected special exercises have a beneficial effect on the physical and mental state.

Recently, the success of yoga classes and special stretching exercises for pregnant. The ancient art of yoga is an excellent way to maintain the body and spirit of a pregnant woman in perfect condition, as well as to prepare for childbirth.

Yoga for pregnant women: Yoga has five very important tools for helping pregnant women:

The first tool is - this is directly the exercise of yoga. Yoga poses strengthen the muscles of the back and pelvis, and also provide optimal supply of blood with nutrients for the developing child. Special stretching exercises help to strengthen the muscles and ligaments of the pregnant woman.

Second important tool Pranayama or breathing. Proper breathing helps to provide enough oxygen for the future mother and fetus. These breathing techniques also help to relieve stress.

Wise or symbolic arrangement of fingers and hands is third tool . Gestures serve for psycho-physical stimulation, which has a powerful effect on the reproductive organs.

The fourth is important element, which represents yoga is meditation. This important part has a great therapeutic value and helps to realize yourself and the future child. Meditation helps mothers cope with anxiety and avoid stress.

Fifth and the last tool yoga - deep relaxation. Its meaning in achieving physical and mental relaxation, which also contributes to the preparation for childbirth.

Of course, yoga and stretching exercises for pregnant women, like any other program, need to be approached wisely. First, check with your doctor. Also do not forget to pass or take place inspection. Once you get permission, you can start classes. It is advisable to practice in a group under the guidance of a coach. If there is no such possibility, then independent yoga exercises are no less effective. Classes can be conducted using educational videos, books, or other information.

For classes we need special gym mat (any convenient litter may come up) and half an hour of free time. It's great if you will conduct your classes in the open air, but you can work at home.

Before the beginning of take a shower so that your body warms up. Especially since yoga is also spiritual practice and the washing of the body with water will serve as a symbol of ritual purification. Tightly eat before exercise is not recommended. If you are hungry, then eat an apple or some other fruit.

1. Yoga for pregnant women: Breathing exercises and concentration during pregnancy.

Take a comfortable position. The back is straight, the lotus posture is optional, most importantly for you to be comfortable. You can lean your back against the wall.

Inhale deeply through the nose. The air first fills the stomach, then fills the lungs, gradually opening them. Then exhale slowly. Every muscle and whole respiratory system with this breath will come in a tone. At the inspiration we concentrate our attention on the baby and imagine that every cell of our body fills with heat and light, and this energy flows to the baby, warming it. With exhalation we get rid of anxieties and experiences.

2. Yoga for pregnant women: Complex The greeting to the sun contains stretching exercises and is useful not only for pregnant women.

The basic position, standing straight, legs together, palms folded on the chest, as for prayer. Muscles are relaxed.

On inhalation, we lift our arms above our heads, join our hands, and simultaneously climb our toes. Stretch up and look at the hands.

On exhalation lean forward, trying to touch the floor with your hands. Tilt with straight back. You can slightly bend your knees. The abdomen is relaxed and does not squeeze.

Bend in the thoracic part for inspiration. Look forward and a little upwards.

On exhalation, go to the rider's position, making a deep lunge. Left knee forward, shoulders maximally open, look up. We take a breath.

On exhalation go to the position of the hill. This position is called "dog face down". Staying in this position will relieve fatigue and return lost energy, strengthen the abdominal muscles and spine, reduce fatigue and raise the mood. In this position, we perform several breaths and exhalations.

Slowly sink to the floor. Breath even.

On inspiration we push our hands and stretch the body upwards.

Again we go to the hill.

On the inhalation we repeat the position of the rider, but make a right leg.

Gradually climb, putting your left foot to the right.

From this position we pass to the slope of the straight line with the back.

We inhale the body vertically. Hands rise up through the sides.

On exhalation we return to the starting position.

All movements are performed smoothly, realizing every movement of the body.

Do not exercise violence in relation to yourself and your body when doing the exercises. Remember that our task is not to hurt yourself by doing yoga, but to help prepare for childbirth.