What to do if a wasp stung. Symptoms after a bite of a wasp.

This is a tragic pattern: an allergy sufferer for food and pollen, a child who also suffers from bronchial asthma is more likely to be allergic to insect bites.

A very strong, scary parents reaction in children prone to allergies can even be from a mosquito bite, not to mention after a bite of a wasp, but a particularly strong reaction, starting immediately, occurs on the bites of wasps and bees. In the beginning - redness swelling, pain, itching, bite place to the touch hot.

The wasp was bitten - what to do.

If a person for the first time has felt a bite of an insect, then this can only testify to the body's reaction to toxins from a bite, and there may not be an allergy. What to do if you were bitten by a wasp: attach ice or something cold to the place of bite and take an antiallergic tablet that neutralizes toxins.

Such antiallergic drugs of the first (Suprastin, Diazolin), the second (Loratadin, Cetirizine) and the third (Eden, Erius) generation can be given to the child only after talking with the doctor.

Allergy after bite of wasp

A different calico is when a person is prone to allergies after a wasp sting. Entered into the body toxins, can cause a late reaction: dizziness, vomiting, diarrhea, and the most terrible - anaphylactic shock, which sharply reduces blood pressure, stenosis of the larynx, the voice becomes hoarse. In such unexpectedly, a fatal outcome may occur.

Extremely dangerous, if undetected on the fruit of a wasp bite at the tongue: the swelling that appears after the bite, spreading to the larynx can lead to suffocation.

In wasps and bees, there is a poisonous apparatus consisting of two acidic and alkaline glands, they are combined with a complaint.

But outside the nest or hive these insects hardly use sting, but when their house is in danger, they attack with a swarm, and the degree of poisoning depends on the number of their bites, places of destruction and personal reaction to the bee venom.

A bite of a wasp and symptoms

Burning pain, redness, swelling and other symptoms usually disappear after a few hours or days, but if there is an allergic reaction, there may be a danger such as a general poisoning of the body.

In such cases it is necessary not to be afraid to get ahead of events and immediately consult a doctor, remember that allergic reactions can proceed very quickly. It is possible for a child to perform special skin testing - allergens, to determine allergens, in order to know what should be kept away from.

What should I do if I was bitten by a wasp

Sometimes to stop the allergic reaction it is necessary to introduce a special anti-allergic drugs to a small patient, and this is exactly the doctor's business.

To protect the body from allergic effects of bites, doctors recommend that parents of allergic children do not forget to carry antiallergenics with them.

The child was bitten by a wasp on nature

When a child was bitten by a wasp in nature, and it is known that he has a tendency to allergies, it is necessary to immediately apply a tourniquet above the bite, apply ice to the bite, and make a wreath from the injections of 0.2-0.5% adrenaline solution around the bite.

After giving an antiallergic drug, for example, 1/2 tablet of Loratadine (up to 4 years) or a tablet of Fexofenadine (after 4 years).

First aid with a bite of a wasp

Immediately after bite, gently pull out the sting, suck out the poison from the affected area. Make a compress with a tampon moistened with dilute ammonia. Or just rub it with alcohol. If it hurts, apply a salt solution to prevent the tumor. The pain is well removed by the milky juice of dandelion, lead lotions, mallow juice, while preventing swelling.

When attacking a swarm of bees or wasps, hide from them through very dense vegetation, or dive, if possible, into the water.

If you managed to get to the numerous bites of wasps, provide the victim with aspirin, for intense sweating and withdrawal of poisons. It is very important to provide a plentiful drink.